Dear Santa – A Mom’s Christmas Wishlist for REAL

Mom's Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, This is a mom’s Christmas wishlist. I am sure you know my name by now. The elf on the shelf has probably had some interesting things to report. Yes, I said fuck yesterday and yes, my kids heard me, but I have been such a fucking good girl this year that small detail…

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Sanctimommies, Momsplaining and Nonsensical Judgment

Sanctimommies Judgement

Let’s get a few things straight here. There are so many judgmental people out there in the world, and through my experience, Other Moms are the WORST for this.  Being a Mom isn’t easy. In fact, it’s fucking hard. This shit is not for the weak, that I can tell you for certain. You know…

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10 Reasons My New Years Resolutions are BULLSHIT

Years Resolutions

OK. I said it. My new years resolutions are complete and utter BULLSHIT. I mean I make the same stupid new years resolutions every single cot damned year. Every single stupid mediocre, common resolution that you can think of… I have resolved to do it one year or the other.  My Previous Garbage New Years Resolutions …

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New Mom Essentials- 20 Must Haves for Every New Mom

New Mom Essentials

Ah the lovely joy of being pregnant, you just found out the news that you are expecting a newborn baby in about nine months and now everyone has to tell you the new mom essentials. There are some people in your life who have this little switch flicked that make it so all they can…

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New Mom Problems and How to Combat Them

Becoming a new Mom can be amazing, but it also comes with new Mom problems. Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the home sounds so appealing to many expectant parents, for mothers after having nine long months of carrying that extra weight around they are ready for relief. The thing about being a new…

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What Does Being a Mom Mean? – The Meaning of Mom

Being a Mom

When you first get this job title of Mom, you imagine all of those tough decisions. Breast or bottle, to circumcise or not, co-sleeping or independent sleeping will be some of the most challenging portions of your motherhood career. It seems like those are the most intense topics that everyone discusses when you announce that…

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10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day gift ideas are always welcome. Mother’s Day will arrive on May 8, 2016 and with that comes the need to get something for Mom, but what will you get her? There are so many things you can get Mom for this special day but we wanted to share 10 creative Mother’s Day gift…

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Why Me Time is Important for Moms

Me time

Moms tend to be more nurturing in a natural way that often gets confused with the need to constantly keep that Mom hat on. It is perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged to get a little me time during your motherhood years.  There are many benefits to incorporating me time into your mom day, quite…

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The Most Important Parts of Being a Mom

Being a mom is the most rewarding position one can ever hold, but it comes with lots of mishaps, bad days and shake your head moments. A mom is the most underpaid and over worked job in the world and yet you will often see a mom out there with her little children smiling away.…

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When Mom is Sick, No one Cares

Is it true that when Mom is sick no one cares? I am not sure 100% sure, but honestly, it sure as heck seems that way.  My 4 year old daughter came down with a brutal cold on Monday of last week. She was coughing, sneezing and snotting all over everything in her path. In…

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