Time for some Netflix “Me time” #MomSneak #StreamTeam

I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes I just need to have a little bit of “Me Time.” I love my children to the moon and back and really can’t imagine life without them, but sometimes, I just want to watch something on Netflix that ISN’T PG! How am I supposed to catch up on Shameless with the kids in the room? I am not. That’s the point. 

Sometimes, I Just need to have the TV to myself…. and if not the TV then SOMETHING. Sometimes I need someone to throw me a Netflix bone here so I can catch up on my faves… How do I do this you ask? 

I get a little sneaky. 

Sometimes I will take my device with me to the bathroom and hide while streaming one of my favorite shows with my headphones in. Alas, that doesn’t last long but it gives me a few minuets. 

There are also those times I pretend I am folding laundry and stream something I love, the kids know that if they come in while I am “folding laundry” then they have to help so they tend to steer clear. 

Heck, I even sneak in a bath sometimes and bring my device with me to stream while I soak…. Heck I have even streamed Netflix while I put my makeup on… or my socks. Seriously. Every single chance I get. 

You know what? I don’t feel guilty. I work hard, I parent my kids, I love spending time with them, but sometimes I need a little me time. That me time totally helps me to de-stress and be a better Mother to my kids. I have always said that Me Time is Important, and I totally mean it.


See, it’s not just me! There are other mom’s out there that agree. It is SO IMPORTANT TO TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOU! Why not take it with Netflix? 

Start the truck and fasten your seat belt because Buddy Thunderstruck is back with new ‘choose what’s next’ interactive storytelling features. If big trucks and sick stunts aren’t your cup of tea, join Puss in Boots for a brand new season of adventures or check out The Worst Witch – based on Jill Murphy’s beloved books.

Friends From College
Season 1
July 14

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
July 18

What are you Sneaking to Stream on Netflix?

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