Why Me Time is Important for Moms

Moms tend to be more nurturing in a natural way that often gets confused with the need to constantly keep that Mom hat on. It is perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged to get a little me time during your motherhood years.  There are many benefits to incorporating me time into your mom day, quite simply stated, the largest benefit is that keep your sanity.Me time

Raising children is the most exhausting job that any one person can ever hold, even when you have the help of a spouse or co-parent. Motherhood can often times drain every ounce of the person you grew to be. Allowing yourself to be totally consumed with motherhood, without a single portion of the day being designated to get back in touch with who you are can destroy your relationships, your self-esteem and your ability to feel complete.

Why Me Time is Important for Moms

  • It releases stress
  • Missing your kids can make your heart grow fonder
  • You are an individual person.
  • You’re teaching your kids a life lesson.

The biggest reason why “me time” is important for moms is because it release stress. Think about all of the duties that are included in your motherhood days? After a long day of raising kids and being Mom, don’t you feel drained? That feeling of being drained can be caused by stress and stress can wreak havoc on your health. Take a bit of “me time” releases that stress and tension allowing you to come back to your motherhood duties with a calm, peaceful soul.

Missing your kids can make your heart grow fonder, me time enables your children to miss you and lets you have a chance to miss your children. When you are enthralled into the everyday life of Mom, loving your children as fully as you should may become a difficult task. Taking the time out for “me time” enables you to miss your kids as well as allows your kids to miss you, which creates gratitude between you and them which only helps build your bond as a mother.

You are an individual person with needs that stretch beyond motherhood, admit it or not, this is very true! Before you were a mother, did you not have any hobbies or passions of your own? Just because you now hold the job title of Mom doesn’t make you lose that individual character found within. Taking time for hobbies that are you passionate about only encourages individual growth in the area of creativity which allows you to use this skill during any motherhood moment with ease and efficiency.

Last but certainly not least, the reason why “me time” is important for moms is because you will be teaching your kids a life lesson. Leading by example goes a lot further than leading through words, when you take that time way for yourself and enjoy a little bit of “me time” on a regular basis, you are teaching your kids to incorporate their own me time into their days so that they grow up to be well-rounded adults who put their needs first as well.

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  1. Savannah (@HowHesRaised) on April 4, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    The main reason I love blogging so much is because it is my ‘me’ time. Even though I write about motherhood, and my family, it gives me an outlet-and that’s something that I’ve found in a lot of the bloggers I’ve come in contact with. I think this is an absolutely fabulous post. Moms give, give, give all day long, and it is so incredibly important to take, even 5 minutes, for ourselves. I find that the weeks where I don’t allow myself some time, I feel so pent up and stressed out. Thanks for sharing! <3

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