Helicopter Parenting: 10 Signs You’re a Helicopter Parent

There’s this new thing in the world called Helicopter Parenting and you may be surprised to think it’s in your home. Sadly many parents have started to hover over not only their own kids but other people’s children too, all on a mission to simply help keep kids safe. The question at hand though is whether Helicopter Parenting is hurting or helping the children of our world today. I will leave that up to you to determine. 

Helicopter Parenting

10 Signs You’re Helicopter Parenting

  1. Your child is 13, and you are still cutting their meat.
  2. The principal of your kid’s school is on speed dial and you have a list of what to tell you next time you call her.
  3. You’re the mom who reports another mom to child protective services for feeding their kid chips.
  4. Your kid can’t have any pens or pencils because they may lose an eye.
  5. You’ve completed at least one of your kid’s school project, we don’t mean that you helped. You literally completed their project for them.
  6. Your kid can’t ride the school bus because the bus driver won’t let you on the bus to make sure it’s a safe place for your kid.
  7. Your young child has a cell phone so that they can text you when they arrive to school safely, off the school bus.
  8. You have a child who has never, ever lost a game. This includes Go Fish and UNO.
  9. You have business cards that have your title as “so-and-so’s Mom” followed by a list of all the talents your child has.
  10. Your kids have never been to a birthday party because there are germs there.

This is just a fun list of 10 signs you’re a helicopter parent, but really!? There are people in this world who have done at least one item on this list on a regular basis. If you see some signs make you point the finger at yourself, then please let go. Move on. Stop being that helicopter parent, it’s time to allow your kids to be kids and enjoy life while they can!

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