What Does Being a Mom Mean? – The Meaning of Mom

When you first get this job title of Mom, you imagine all of those tough decisions. Breast or bottle, to circumcise or not, co-sleeping or independent sleeping will be some of the most challenging portions of your motherhood career. It seems like those are the most intense topics that everyone discusses when you announce that you are expecting. Little does society know, being a Mom is so much more than making those tough decisions.Being a Mom

As a Mom I have learned many lessons, most of which stem from experiences of making those ever so common parental mistakes. Dusting my feet off, holding my head high up in the air and moving on is the hardest part. Each stage in motherhood brings on new challenges, there are many things about being a Mom that no one told me.

The Meaning of Mom

  • Avoid the color white altogether, this just alleviates the frustration of kids spilling stuff on you, baby drool and other fantastic things kids can do to the color white.
  • Children will eventually hate you, while they don’t really hate you, this will hurt hearing it from their mouth and you will secretly cry behind closed doors as a means to move on from this.
  • Affection is most needed when kids are frustrating you to the brim. Quite the opposite from adulthood; children seem to need a hug when you are at your wits end with them.
  • You find you have an endless level of patience. Being a Mom brings on this high level of patience, beyond that of what you would have for anyone else in life.
  • Oddities start to become common sayings. You will find your new catch phrase is something like, “I have eyes in the back of my head”.
  • You will love beyond measure. Being a Mom means that you will learn to love beyond measure without limits and conditions. Always.

Being a Mom may mean all of these things, but most importantly it means you are now required to guide these little human beings into being well-rounded adults. The stress can be high for many Moms’ because of the capacity of everything involved in motherhood. Being a Mom means that you are in charge of kissing boo-boo’s and teaching children to shrug off those bad moments and learn from mistakes, being a Mom is a tough job, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else because the rewards are absolutely endless.

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