4 Ways To Protect Your Children’s Eyes in a High Tech World

Protect Your Kids Eyes

With our high tech world it’s no wonder more and more kids are using technological devices both at home and at school. With many schools implementing computerized testing, requirements of having Chrome books and similar in classrooms, kids are often spending over 7 hours a day with their eyes on a screen. While many parents…

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Motivate Children to do Chores with these 4 Tips

Motivate Children

Looking for a good way to Motivate Children to do chores? Chores are a way to teach kids that they are a part of a team. The whole family has a mutual obligation to maintain some level of cleanliness and organization within the household. When you make chores a priority for your kids from day…

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Life Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Life SKills

There are some life skills that every parent should teach their child. These stem beyond the basics that are common sense. You know the life skills that help them to survive as an adult in the big wide world on Earth. Those regular life skills are a given, but what some parents may not think…

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Your Child’s Bathroom Humor and How to Handle it

Child's Bathroom Humor

Many kids pick up bathroom humor shortly after being potty trained. This phase can last a long time but usually diminishes when they head off to school. While this is a completely natural experience for both boys and girls of the toddler age, it can leave parents in pure disgust and shock. The first step…

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What Does Being a Mom Mean? – The Meaning of Mom

Being a Mom

When you first get this job title of Mom, you imagine all of those tough decisions. Breast or bottle, to circumcise or not, co-sleeping or independent sleeping will be some of the most challenging portions of your motherhood career. It seems like those are the most intense topics that everyone discusses when you announce that…

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Positive Parenting – Stay Calm When You’re Losing it

positive parenting

Most everyone should understand the fact that when we remain positive others around us remain in the same mindset. Welcome parenthood, where the attempt to remain cool, calm and collected is tested at every corner! Even the most fabulous of parents have moments when they are just about to lose it. Have no fear, we…

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Mom Stress Test- Are you a Stressed Mother?

Mom Stress

Mom stress got you down? If you are a stressed out Mom then it may help you to calm when you realize you are not alone. Most moms say that motherhood is incredibly stressful while nearly 96% of those moms state they don’t think their own Mom was this stressed when raising them. Perception is…

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How to Help Your Shy Child Out in Life in a Positive Way

Shy Child

The first step to helping your shy child is to understand that shyness is a personality trait not a disability or a fault. Each of us are born as individual human beings, with different traits and characteristics that make us who we are. Being shy is a common occurrence for children and is something they…

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How Your Kids Favourite Shows Can Inspire Real Conversations

Inspire Real Conversation they said, it’s easy they said. Actually it can be. There are some tough conversations in life that you just have to have with your kids. It can be pretty hard to broach these topics without coming off accusatory or just plain confusing. Sometimes, you need a little help to inspire real…

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