Make Your Kids Laugh- 10 Goofy Ways to Make Your Children Laugh

Experts and parents alike have agreed that a good sense of humor can lead to a better immune system and a happier lifestyle regardless of your age. As parents nothing feels better than making our kids laugh at our silly jokes and goofy ways. There are so many ways you can work to make your child bust out in laughter but today we wanted to share 10 goofy ways to make your kids laugh so that you can work to instill this trait that has been proven to be a learned behavior versus one that a child is actually born with.

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Make Your Kids Laugh

  1. Babies start by responding to things that look or feel funny, such as raspberries on their belly or a silly face, it can be pretty easy to make babies laugh. Life is simple for them.
  2. Toddlers tend to be a whole new bowl of fun, they tend to have a good grasp on life and how things are done, consider putting pants on your head, a stuffed animal in the dishwasher, etc. as a means to make your toddler laugh.
  3. Toddlers are also amused by a puppet show; use socks to create sock puppets that look all off the wall goofy and put on a comedy skit for your toddler. Enjoy as the two of you laugh hysterically during this process.
  4. Tickles work at any age, start tickling your child and do it often; just enough to not upset them but long enough so that they have a super giggle fest. This can sometimes be used to change the mood your toddler can get into.
  5. Play a freeze game, imagine your life as it goes, daily tasks being completed and then WAM you or your toddler freeze in place, this can lead to many giggles. Start having this freeze game become a part of your day but do it at different times of day to keep the element of surprise for maximum giggles.
  6. Watch a hilarious movie together, no matter the age, your children can benefit from you sitting down with a bowl of popcorn together while you watch an age-appropriate comedy together.
  7. Learn to take things less serious in life, when you develop a carefree personality as it pertains to life in general you not only feel more relaxed but you are more apt to develop a goofy personality with your kid for that bond to strengthen.
  8. Pretend play fall asleep, start talking away to your child and pretend to fall asleep mid-sentence, snoring loudly and watch as they giggle like crazy trying to wake you up.
  9. Make up your own family code, create silly words that stand for other things in the home such as a hotdog could mean the TV or a dog may mean the cat, depending upon the age your child could laugh for hours doing this with you!
  10. Just be a goofy person, being serious all of the time isn’t healthy for anyone, just let go and be goofy, get in touch with your inner child and be that kind of parent at varying times during the day you have with your child to encourage a sense of humor and fully enjoy these parenting years.

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