10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day gift ideas are always welcome. Mother’s Day will arrive on May 8, 2016 and with that comes the need to get something for Mom, but what will you get her? There are so many things you can get Mom for this special day but we wanted to share 10 creative Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to think outside of the box to inspire long lasting memories of this special day.

Mother's Day Gift

10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Hand Written Letters – write your Mom a letter expressing your love and mail it via USPS every day leading up to Mother’s Day, perfect to start about one week prior to May 8th.
  2. 52 Memories in a Shoebox – take small pieces of paper and write out 52 memories you have of Mom then place it inside a shoebox that is decorated with drawings or photos of you two.
  3. Coupon Gifts – create coupon packs that offer various tasks you will do for your mom, such as doing laundry for a week or washing dishes for a month.
  4. Homemade Candles – have the kids melt down old crayons into candles and give them to Mom as a loving home made gift.
  5. Spa Day – treat your Mom to a spa day, bonus if it includes a pedicure and manicure, make Mom feel like a princess again.
  6. YouTube Video – create a video and upload it on YouTube that states everything you are thankful for that your Mom has done for you.
  7. Let Mom Sleep In – a dream gift for every busy Mom is just one day to sleep in, no alarm clocks, and no kids jumping on the bed.
  8. Love Note Scavenger Hunt – the trick to this is that Mom has no clue, create little love notes and hide them in various places throughout the house so she finds them magically one at a time.
  9. Customized Chocolate Bar – give the gift that most every Mom loves, chocolate, with a customized chocolate bar.
  10. Put on a Play – have the kids create and put on a play that shows their gratitude for Mom, have the event all set up with a pamphlet for the play and everything.

When it comes to Mom’s, the best gifts ever are the gifts from the heart. This list of 10 creative Mother’s Day gift ideas is a way to help you think deeper about how Mom has played a role in your life. Think about the special moments you have shared and what will warm her heart most, then get to work creating a magical and memorable Mother’s Day this 2016!

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