10 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day gift ideas are always welcome. Mother’s Day will arrive on May 8, 2016 and with that comes the need to get something for Mom, but what will you get her? There are so many things you can get Mom for this special day but we wanted to share 10 creative Mother’s Day gift…

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Motherhood is Not a Competition- So Stop it.

If I could only tell you one thing, just one, it would be to STOP comparing yourself to other moms!  Seriously, Motherhood is not a competition, so why does it seem that instead of banding together, so many moms are engaged in a constant battle of who can create Pinterest inspired creations better than the…

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Review

I am back again with another Chicken Soup for the Soul Review. This time the book is entitled “The Magic of Mothers & Daughters.” This book was a fantastic read, chalk full of amazing stories from both the Mother’s and Daughter’s perspective. Anyone that has ever been a Mother or a Daughter can find something…

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