New Mom Essentials- 20 Must Haves for Every New Mom

Ah the lovely joy of being pregnant, you just found out the news that you are expecting a newborn baby in about nine months and now everyone has to tell you the new mom essentials. There are some people in your life who have this little switch flicked that make it so all they can do from this moment forward is tell you their wisdom of motherhood and what you just have to have in your home for the day your newborn arrives.

New Mom Essentials

The thing is, most people overlook some of the most necessary items, even registry attendants will not think to tell you some of the most popular must haves for every new mom. Today we are on a mission to alleviate the stress and worry over what you absolutely must have as a new mom by sharing this list of 20 must haves for every new Mom:

20 New Mom Essentials

  1. Travel System – not just a new car seat and stroller but a system that combines both in one unit.
  2. Two Strollers – in addition to the travel system make sure to have an extra light-weight stroller.
  3. Teething Toys – not just any teething toys but ones made without the extra gunk, stay natural.
  4. Baby Swing – make sure to have a fully operational baby swing to entertain newborn.
  5. Diaper Bag – go for a large stylish tote, because no one likes to lug around an ugly diaper bag.
  6. Baby Carrier – for hands free productivity when that newborn is too fussy for the baby swing.
  7. Video Monitor – so that you can make sure newborn is still breathing without waking them up.
  8. Receiving Blankets – this will be essential for burping and mess clean up, get a ton of them.
  9. Nasal Aspirator – to ensure your newborn has clean nostrils for breathing success.
  10. Baby Mittens – to protect newborn from cutting up their face with those sharp nails.
  11. Wipes – this should be a no brainer, but you will need lots of baby wipes so stock up!
  12. Baby Diapers – cloth or throw away diapers are a must to have stocked up beforehand.
  13. Wipes Travel Case – nothing sucks worse than dried up wipes while traveling, get a travel case.
  14. Sound Machine – something that has white noise options to lull your newborn to sleep.
  15. Pacifiers – no matter if you plan to use these or not, get some just in case your mind changes.
  16. Sleep Sack – newborns need to feel protected & secure, get a sleep sack for them.
  17. Boppy Lounger – newborns may just lie around but get the Boppy lounger for comfort.
  18. First Year Books – newborn baby books are a must, get some first year books to read.
  19. Baby Tub – newborns can’t take a full bath right away, get a baby tub that works for newborns.
  20. Rocking Chair – the best way to get that fussy newborn asleep is to rock them in a rocking chair.

The list of new mom essentials can go on and on but we hope this list of 20 essential items will help guide you towards being stocked up and ready for the day your newborn arrives into this world. 

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