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We all know that our wallets take a bit of a hit over the Holiday season. The baking, the decorating, the presents… it all adds up.  Over the Holidays, you want to be able to relax and enjoy without the stress of money and sometimes that can seem impossible. If you could have a few…

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How to Help Kids Handle Emotions

It can seem impossible to help kids handle emotions. As a parent our main job is to teach our kids to lead a happy, healthy and positive life so that they grow up to be a well-rounded member of society. Every parent defines what well-rounded means for their own family unit, but there’s one thing…

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Top Tips for Fabulous Family Photos

Family Photos

That dreaded family photo, for many families having a photo taken of every individual in the family unit can be a tedious task. Little John doesn’t want to sit still, while Lucy is ready and smiling awaiting the snap of the camera. Amidst all this, you have the adults trying to look happy even with…

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How to Setup a Successful Summer Break Routine for Kids

Summer break

Do you have a summer break routine? Summer break is all too often meant with groans and whines from parents all over the world. Summer break means those kids need entertainment more often than required during school season. It’s a tedious job making that transition from having your daytime hours free to incorporate kids into…

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How to Entertain Active Kids, Without a Headache

Entertain Active Kids

Usually young boys are known to be quite hyperactive, from the moment they learn that they can crawl to get into anything; they are on a mission to move all day and night. There are some young girls who will have a similar trait of being quite the active little princess. Overall boys are generally…

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Positive Parenting- 25 Positive Things You Should be Saying to Your Child

positive parenting

Positive Parenting is so important. In a world where negativity seems to scream louder than positivity, it is crucial to remember that you are raising children. Children need consistency, consequences and positive praise. A healthy balance of positive words combined with consequences for bad decisions, makes for a well-rounded positive child. We all need to focus on…

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Kids Chores- Chores for Children of Every Age

Kids Chores

Your Children can be helpers around the house! Learn to incorporate age appropriate kids chores into your child’s day from age 2 forward and you will find it is a breeze to have help at any age from your children. Kids Chores Chores for Toddler Years {ages 2 & 3} The lovely toddler years, once your…

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5 Ways to Cut Spending and Save Your Money in 2016

Money is important, and when we spend it carelessly we can end up putting ourselves in a tough financial situation. Check out these ways to cut spending and save some money this year to avoid that situation!  Cut Spending in 2016 Ditch Cable Ditch cable. Cable is expensive, sometimes costing over $150 a month. And…

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Money Saving Tips for Christmas

The holidays can end up costing us a pretty penny, especially if we have big families. Save your money this Christmas and don’t break the bank. In all reality, Christmas isn’t about how much we spend, it’s about how much TIME we spend with those we love! You can still give great gifts, host great parties…

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Tips to Get Your Kids Excited About Homework

Homework. Just uttering the word to your child can start a series of moans and groans. Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope? I know I have. Homework isn’t necessarily every child’s favorite thing to do. Let’s be honest here. Homework isn’t exactly a party that you can get excited…

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Cheap or Free Fall Family Activities

Fall is fast approaching and there are so many things you can do to enjoy it. Fall is one of my favorite seasons in fact, I love being able to put on a nice warm sweater and sip a warm tea as the cool air breezes through the house. The colourful leaves on the trees,…

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Garage Sale Tips- How to Involve Your Kids

It’s that time of year again. Spring is here, spring cleaning is in full effect and you know what that means! Garage Sale time! It’s a good idea to seek out some Garage sale tips when you are planning your garage sale this year.   Did you know that you can also involve your kids…

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