Positive Parenting- 25 Positive Things You Should be Saying to Your Child

Positive Parenting is so important. In a world where negativity seems to scream louder than positivity, it is crucial to remember that you are raising children. Children need consistency, consequences and positive praise. A healthy balance of positive words combined with consequences for bad decisions, makes for a well-rounded positive child. We all need to focus on positive parenting.

positive parenting

Positive Parenting- Things to Say to Your Child

  1. You make me proud.
  2. Your opinion matters.
  3. I love being your parent.
  4. I believe in you.
  5. It’s okay to make mistakes.
  6. I accept you for who you are.
  7. I love you unconditionally.
  8. Being around you is fun.
  9. I can’t wait to hear about your day.
  10. You rocked that test!
  11. I trust you.
  12. That was a good decision.
  13. Being your parent is my favorite job.
  14. You look beautiful/handsome.
  15. Tomorrow is a new day to try again.
  16. You make my heart smile.
  17. I love that you have good friends.
  18. You are a great friend to your peers.
  19. It is okay to not be liked by everyone.
  20. That’s a valid point.
  21. That color looks great on you!
  22. That was a nice thing you did for your sibling.
  23. You have a caring heart.
  24. I am proud you tried your best today.
  25. Being yourself is what matters most.

These are just basic sentences that take only a few moments to say, as a parent you should be able to easily slide in these positive praises throughout each day you spend with your child. While there comes a time and place for consequences as well as behavior corrections, there also needs to be some positive praise in parenthood. When a child hears a good balance of both uplifting sentences combined with consistent expectations from their parent, they start to feel more self-confident and in turn make better decisions in life.

Do you focus on positive parenting?


  1. Jason on April 22, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Great post! Kids need more of this these days. I sure didn’t experience any of these when I was a kid and I see how much of a difference it makes in my son.

    • Ninja Mommers on April 22, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      Thank you so much! I agree. It makes a huge difference. 🙂

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