Kids Chores- Chores for Children of Every Age

Your Children can be helpers around the house! Learn to incorporate age appropriate kids chores into your child’s day from age 2 forward and you will find it is a breeze to have help at any age from your children.Kids Chores

Kids Chores

Chores for Toddler Years {ages 2 & 3}

The lovely toddler years, once your child is a toddler they can easily help or complete on their own some small daily kids chores to keep home organized.

  • Assist in making their bed and picking up toys when finished playing.
  • Fill pet’s water bowl and food bowl with supervision.
  • Help fold small washcloths or towels with supervision.
  • Deliver their dirty clothes to a dirty clothes hamper.

Chores for Pre-K & Kindergarten Years {ages 4 & 5}

After the toddler years comes pre-k and kindergarten stage, which is when your child starts to have a little more independence in thinking and ability to complete kids chores.

  • Set the Table for dinner and clear table after dinner.
  • Mop floors with dry mop or Swiffer type Mop.
  • Manage feeding and watering pet without supervision.
  • Match socks in clean laundry baskets.

Chores for Elementary Age {ages 6 – 11}

The lovely age of elementary years brings on a larger list of chores your child can complete, in addition to what has already been noted, your elementary kid can help be part of family chores on a larger scale.

  • Write Thank you Notes.
  • Fold and take care of laundry.
  • Vacuum rooms.
  • Help make meals with supervision.
  • Empty kitchen, bathroom and other trash cans in home.
  • Put dishes away from dishwasher.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Clean the bathroom and other household rooms.

While this list of ideas for chores kids can do at every age, once your child is pre-teen and teen there is a wider range of chores they can complete. If you encouraged chores being a family routine from age 2 forward then the teen years will only open the door to more chores being taken off your plate as you all work together in a family unit to keep your house looking clean and organized.

Teenage kids can start to cook meals for the family, deal with dishes and laundry, help with care of younger siblings and can even drive to get groceries once at a legal driving age with a valid driver’s license. The list of chores for kids of every age can go on and on.


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