Money Saving Tips for Christmas

The holidays can end up costing us a pretty penny, especially if we have big families. Save your money this Christmas and don’t break the bank. In all reality, Christmas isn’t about how much we spend, it’s about how much TIME we spend with those we love! You can still give great gifts, host great parties and decorate your home, without having to spend immense amount of money.

Money Saving Tips for Christmas

Money Saving Tips for Christmas


Talk through you gift giving strategy with your family. Decide who will be exchanging gifts, and who won’t be. In our family we have decided that the adults wouldn’t buy for each other and instead we just get gifts for the Children. I still purchase things for my Mom and my Mother in Law but no more gifts for Sisters, Brothers and every one else or it really gets too overwhelming. 


Do it yourself. The best gifts come from the heart. If you have an extensive list this Holiday Season, you can make your own gifts to give. There are many you can make yourself that don’t require a lot of money to design. You can make DIY homemade ornaments, or other Homemade Christmas Gifts and everyone will love them! 

Potluck Dinner

If you have a large gathering every year, the host can accumulate a lot of the financial burden. Make this years get together a potluck. If everyone brings something it lightens the load for the host and makes the holidays a little easier on their wallet. 

Make Your Own Decorations 

Instead of spending lots of money on pricey decor, you can make your own for a fraction of the price. A few years ago we made our own DIY Christmas Wreath and we are still using it! It cost us next to nothing to make and we got to enjoy time together creating it. 

Christmas doesn’t have to cost you everything in your bank account, in fact sometimes the more frugal gifts are the most thoughtful. 

Do you utilize any Money saving tips for Christmas?


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  1. Megan on November 22, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Thanks for the tips!!! Anything helps during the hoildays!!


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