DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes Christmas can get expensive and let’s face it, the kids are waiting and waiting with anticipation for it to be Christmas day already… and some of you parents just want it to be over so you can start refilling your wallets….

Making Home made Christmas ornaments can be a fantastic way to not only keep your decorating cost effective, but also help to pass the time! What better way to spend your time than with your children creating wonderful masterpieces you can save for ever? (Some would say… um, Ninja Mommers, a jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine may just compete with that… But I say… shhhhhhh.) 

So without furthur ado, so that I can get back to my tub and wine… erm… I mean…. Decorating…. I give you:

3 DIY Christmas Ornaments

1. Hand Print Snowman Ornament

We LOVE the hand print snowman ornament Idea! They are so cute and easy to make! Just follow the directions and you will have an amazing addition to your tree!

2. You’re The Star Christmas Tree

This You’re The Star Christmas Tree Ornament always makes me smile. Little Man made them at school last year and I am so happy to put it on my tree. Not only are these easy, but the kids love to be the star atop a tree they get to create all on their own!

3. Cork Gingerbread Ornaments

These cork gingerbread figures are a cute addition to any tree. You can make one of each member of your family if you want, write their names and date on the back!


These are some Amazing additions to your tree! Have fun making these with your family!

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