How to Setup a Successful Summer Break Routine for Kids

Do you have a summer break routine? Summer break is all too often meant with groans and whines from parents all over the world. Summer break means those kids need entertainment more often than required during school season. It’s a tedious job making that transition from having your daytime hours free to incorporate kids into your daily routine. There doesn’t have to be a major meltdown over summer break. Having a routine set forth ahead of time allows you to feel less anxious and creates expectations for your kids to follow during Summer break.

Summer break routine

Summer Break Routine Advice

Most every parent knows a kid thrives on having consistency in their life on a regular basis, there’s no wonder why many parents are working now to setup a proper schedule for their kids during Summer break. There are many ways to setup a successful Summer break routine for kids, and we hope that our tips below help you to set a routine that works for your family and allows your family to fully enjoy Summer break together:

  • Get the Calendar Ready – have a calendar on the wall in a family area, note all family events and gatherings that you know about and ones you want to plan.
  • Solicit your Kids – sit down with your kids and have them write a Summer bucket list, such as activities they enjoy or places they hope to visit.
  • Daily Task Lists – have chores and other daily tasks set forth for your kids, this gives them goals to achieve every day they are on break.
  • Establish Quiet Time – be sure to set aside quiet time for the kids and you every day of the week, maintaining an active and non-active balance creates peace in the home.
  • Allow Free Time – don’t set a schedule that is so demanding upon your kids that they never have free time to simply enjoy their Summer break as they see fit.

Implementing each of these tips should be a breeze, the most effective way to setup a successful Summer schedule is to hold a family meeting and get the kids involved in the whole process from start to finish. When you enlist your kids to take part in the planning of a Summer schedule they feel more confident in following whatever schedule is set forth for them during their school free days!



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