Garage Sale Tips- How to Involve Your Kids

It’s that time of year again. Spring is here, spring cleaning is in full effect and you know what that means! Garage Sale time! It’s a good idea to seek out some Garage sale tips when you are planning your garage sale this year.

Garage Sale


Did you know that you can also involve your kids in your garage sale? In fact there are quite a few benefits to allowing your children to participate too. 

Garage Sale Tips- How to Involve Your Kids

Clean our Their Closet

Your children can clean out their closets and toy boxes and decided what they want to keep or sell at the garage sale. 

Price Things

Let the kids put price tags on things! They can even design their own fancy price tags. Just make sure that they aren’t trying to sell that doll with only one shoe for a hundred dollars.

Sell Their own Creations

Lemonade, Cupcakes, Bracelets,whatever their little hearts desire. Let your kids set up a booth to peddle their wares to your Garage sale visitors. 


Let your kids help you design the posters to help you advertise the garage sale. Bold and colourful is eye catching anyways, so let the kids have fun, just make sure you can still read the specifics.

Garage Sale Tips- Benefits of Involving your Kids


It can be very educational to include your children in a garage sale. They have a chance to work with money, having to do math to give the correct change. It also gives you a chance to teach them the value of money, and belongings. 

Social Skills

Having your kids help out at a garage sale can help to further develop their social skills. It can be hard to engage people in conversation sometimes, so learning at a young age is very beneficial.

Work Ethic 

If your children work hard on choosing what they want to sell, displaying it, advertising it and engaging customers, they may see that it helps them to procure more funds. Teaching children that you have to work hard to earn money, is very important.

These Garage Sale tips for involving your children, can help in many ways. Your house will be less cluttered, your kids will learn some work ethic and you can have fun at the same time. 

Do you involve your kids in your garage sales?

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