Top Tips for Fabulous Family Photos

That dreaded family photo, for many families having a photo taken of every individual in the family unit can be a tedious task. Little John doesn’t want to sit still, while Lucy is ready and smiling awaiting the snap of the camera. Amidst all this, you have the adults trying to look happy even with the chaos. Family photos don’t have to be this much drama. Family Photos really can be a great way to showcase your family without the chaos. Today we will share the top tips for fabulous family photos so that you no longer have to dread that annual photo shoot and can have a fabulous family portrait to hang upon your wall.

Family Photos

Tips for Family Photos

  • Selecting the Proper Outfits – try to match colors if possible. Think about the background that will be used during your family photo shoot. Be certain to select the proper outfits that won’t blend in with the background, but rather accent the background to make your photo pop.
  • Lighting Is Key – if you are attempting to take a family photo on your own without any prior photography skills, remember that lighting is the key. Set up lamps or use natural light outside to ensure your family photo will look fabulous.
  • Be Yourself – there’s nothing more heartfelt than a fabulous family photo that showcases the individual traits of your family members. Rather than having little John sit still, encourage him to make funny faces and be who he is naturally. This removes drama & makes it a fun experience.
  • Have Everyone at Same Level – the key to a fabulous family photo is to make sure each family member has their head at the same level; this means some members may be seated while others are standing. It makes for a fabulous family photo when everyone is aligned.
  • Take a Variety of Photos – not sure which family photo will do for your unique style? Try to take a variety of photos and then do a family vote on which one will hang above the mantle. This can actually be a fun way to connect a family, and provide much laughter.

The top tips for fabulous family photos have been shared as a means to help you survive this year’s annual photo. We hope that we have given you some ideas to work with as a means to ensure the next family photo session goes smoothly without any headaches.


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