How to Entertain Active Kids, Without a Headache

Usually young boys are known to be quite hyperactive, from the moment they learn that they can crawl to get into anything; they are on a mission to move all day and night. There are some young girls who will have a similar trait of being quite the active little princess. Overall boys are generally known to be hyperactive during their younger years. There is hope, there are solutions to entertain active kids without a headache and today we will share a few ideas to help you keep those active kids moving without causing too much of a ruckus.

Entertain Active Kids

Entertain Active Kids

The first step to entertain active kids without a headache is to use the resources you have one hand; pots and pans can make for a loud situation when kid learn to use them as drums, but get creative and use cooking sheets as well as pans to create a toy car ramp or racing track for hours of endless car racing fun.  There are many uses for kitchen items than meets the eye, have your kid learn to use these items in ways they never thought of with a bit of help from you.

Set up a scavenger hunt, depending upon the age of your kid, you could use resources on hand to setup your very own scavenger hunt. Create a fun list of items that your kid needs to find and maybe have a paper trophy for the kid who found all of the items first. This can be completed outside or inside and allows for some run time for your active kid.

An obstacle course setup by you can always wear out those active kids, set up colored tape down like hopscotch, have rope setup almost like a cat’s cradle game and so forth, then have a timer set and watch as your active kid works to make it through the obstacle course within the allotted time-frame. This can be a fun way to have your kids use their creative minds, because after they complete the obstacle course you could have them create one for you to participate in.

A good old fashion pillow fight can be fun, maybe outside though or in a room that is clear of breakable items. Allow the kids to have a pillow fight; set a timer and say ready set go … watch as the kids use their energy up trying to battle each other with pillows. If setup in a safe place, this could lead to hours of self-entertainment for your active kids.

The options are endless when it comes to entertaining your active kids without a headache, but these few ideas should lead you on the path to new ideas as a means to survive raising active kids while still nurturing their activity level needs.

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