Dear Santa – A Mom’s Christmas Wishlist for REAL

Mom's Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, This is a mom’s Christmas wishlist. I am sure you know my name by now. The elf on the shelf has probably had some interesting things to report. Yes, I said fuck yesterday and yes, my kids heard me, but I have been such a fucking good girl this year that small detail…

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

I just wanted to take a second and wish all my wonderful, friends, family and readers a very merry Christmas, a happy holidays, a fantastic day and a fabulous time with those near and dear to your heart.  Our Holidays have changed over the years. Every Christmas was spent lugging the Children all over the…

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20 Cheesecake Recipes to Sweeten the Holidays

Cheesecake Recipes

I am a huge Cheesecake fanatic! So I went on the hunt for 20 Cheesecake Recipes that could sweeten the Holidays.  We all know the Holidays are already pretty darn sweet, but I don’t think that I could argue with some delicious cheesecake recipes. Especially 20 of them!  Cheesecake may very well be my favourite…

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Money Saving Tips for Christmas

The holidays can end up costing us a pretty penny, especially if we have big families. Save your money this Christmas and don’t break the bank. In all reality, Christmas isn’t about how much we spend, it’s about how much TIME we spend with those we love! You can still give great gifts, host great parties…

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