Family Christmas Eve Traditions- 4 Moms Share Their Christmas Eve fun.

Christmas eve traditions are a great way to get excited for the upcoming Christmas morning. I have always found traditions to be very important to myself and my family. I am lucky enough to have had many traditions in my family when I was growing up, and I am privileged enough to be able to share those traditions with my young family. 

Not only have we kept up with some of our own family traditions and merged others between myself and my husband, we have also created some of our own new ones. We really quite enjoy our Christmas eve traditions, and are really excited that we get to enjoy them soon. 

Family Christmas Eve Traditions

Our Christmas eve traditions are pretty simple, but always a lot of fun. We spend all day baking cookies for Santa, making reindeer food and listening to Christmas music. When the evening comes, we eat a yummy dinner that is mostly made up of appetizers and then move on to opening up our Christmas eve gift that always consists of a brand new pair of PJ’s. We put on our fresh new PJ’s, pop some popcorn and drink Cranberry Gingerale while we watch our favourite Christmas classics. 

I asked some of my awesome blogger friends, what their Christmas eve traditions are, and they were more than happy to share them with us! You can use some of these for inspiration too if you are thinking of adding some great new traditions to your Family’s Christmas eve. 

Family Christmas Eve Traditions

“We make reindeer food and sprinkle it outside our house”- Raising Memories

“Reading night before christmas before bed, leaving the book out with cookies and milk for santa and then santa signs the book every year” –Tales of Mommyhood

“I filled a box with popcorn, a movie, a pair of pajamas, and some hot chocolate mix, then let the kids open it on Christmas Eve. We ate and drank hot chocolate and watched the movies — it was a super nice way to kick off the holiday!”- Canadian Mom Blog

“I put together a Christmas Eve box for the boys with matching PJs, 2 Christmas movies, 2 Christmas Books and there favourite snacks after they open their gift we snuggle up for some family time.”

“We give the kids xmas pj’s. We usually have an appie dinner and read the night before Christmas” – Mommy’s Weird

These are all similar and fantastic at the same time!

What Family Christmas Eve Traditions do you have?

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