Zoom into Christmas with the Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn Interactive Toy #NMHoliday #FunWithSpin

The Holiday season is upon us and I just wanted to point out one important detail. Who on your holiday shopping list wants their very own Unicorn? The answer? EVERYONE. Everyone wants their very own Unicorn to love and care for and with Spinmaster toys, you can have one. 

My daughter already has a variety of Zoomer toys from Spinmaster! She has the Zoomer Kitty, a Zoomer Meowsie and shhhh… but my Mom got her the Zoomer Pony for Christmas this year and she is totally going to flip.

Zoomer Show Pony

She has had her eye on the Zoomer pony for a while and I know she is just going to love it! SO I am super excited for my Mom to give it to her on Christmas morning. 

When my daughter saw that there was ALSO a Zoomer Unicorn available (Exclusively at Toys R Us) she got so excited and she really couldn’t wait to open it up and get it out and play with it. She was in love, and the look on her face just warmed my heart. I had just made her dreams come true because now she has her very own Zoomer Unicorn. 

Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn

Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn 

It is time for you to give the gift of a magical Unicorn! Who doesn’t love UNICORNS? I know we do. This Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn is only available exclusively at Toys R’ Us. This gorgeous little pal can move on her very own and boasts a gorgeous multi-colored light-up horn. Now you can know how your Unicorn is feeling based on the colours she shows you with her horn. If you press the heart button that is located on her collar, she can perform tricks like doing a figure eight or dancing! Watch out though because if your beautiful little friend gets hungry, you can use the interactive apple to feed her and when she eats she makes the most adorable munching, chomping and crunching sounds. I KNOW RIGHT? You can also give her a little treat of a sugar cube, because of course she deserves it, but be prepared because she will do a special sugar dance! You can also style her beautiful hair. Don’t be fooled though, like most magical creatures this Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn has some hidden abilities for you to discover. 

The Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn is going to make this Holiday Season magical for anyone on your Christmas List.

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