Winter Break Activities- 12 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy During the Winter Break

The winter break is on it’s way and while that means the smells of the Holidays, Softly falling snow and some Christmas Carols. It also means that the kids are off school for a while. 

It may be a good idea to start planning your winter break activities now, to ensure that no one gets insanely bored. In fact, since this season is so busy for everyone, the best thing you can do is plan around your plans! If you know you are going to be super busy baking (and you don’t want little fingers in your desserts) then come up with a fun winter break activity that the kids can do while you Martha your way around the kitchen. 

12 Things to Keep Kids Busy During the Winter Break


Listen to me, chores may not be exciting but with this entire season being so busy, having the children helping you will pass the time and relieve the stress. Use our suggestions for Age Appropriate Chores to ensure that your Children are participating in chores catered to their ages. In fact, if you use our tips about How to Make Chores fun for Kids, the kids may not even complain. 

Pajama Party

Let the kids keep their Jammies on all day and watch movies in your nice warm house. 

Build a Fort

Take the time to build a fort together! Forts are always my go to when I have spare time with the kids. They love to build forts and have picnics inside them. Keeps them busy for HOURS… maybe even days. 

Have a Bake off

Once you are done doing the imperative baking, invite the kids into the kitchen with you to have a bake off. 

Dance Party

Turn on your favorite Christmas tunes and have a dance party in the living room. 

Write Letters

Remember back in the old days? (Don’t be mad, I remember them all to well.) In my day (Potatoes in pockets, walking uphill in a snow storm, yadda, yadda) we used to write good old fashioned letters and mail them, from a mailbox. It’s somewhat novel to receive mail these days! Write some letters with your kids and send them the old fashioned way! SNAIL MAIL! 

Create a Memory Book

Sit down together and create a book of memories, depicting the last year. Draw photos, write stories, add stickers, the sky is the limit. Have your children complete their own parts of the story too! 

Play Family Board Games

Play a game together as a family. Winner doesn’t have to do dishes after dinner. 


Find a place that you and your family can volunteer this season. Show your kids that helping those less fortunate is very important. 

Give them Homework

Give your Children Homework assignments, have them complete different ones to get different privileges. 

Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a Snowman? I DO! If there is snow outside, get all bundled up and build a friend. Who knows, he might come to life! 

Have a Snowball Fight

Loosen up, throw a couple snow balls, laugh, have some fun. After, you have hot chocolate.


What Winter Break Activities do you do to keep your kids busy over the Holidays?


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