Children’s Chores- Age Appropriate Chores for Young Kids

Children can be involved in the household chores as young as 2 and we have always been sure to involve our children in the general upkeep of our house. 

Age Appropriate Chores

Teaching your children to help out around the house is a great way to teach team work, responsibility and some very important skills. In fact, we have found it to be a great way to spend time together. 

What chores your children participate in is obviously dependent on a few different factors, such as age, maturity level and their willingness to learn. You can, however, minimize the drama and whining if you choose tasks for them, that are age appropriate.

Please keep in mind, these are just suggestions and your child can do more or less depending on what you feel is right. 

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Ages 2-3

  • Clean up toys after themselves 
  • Give a Pet Water and Food 
  • Help to make their beds
  • Dust
  • Sweep (Get them a small broom so they can sweep the floor with you.) 

Ages 4-5

All of the above and the following.. 

  • Make their own bed
  • Water the Flowers 
  • Get Dressed on their own 
  • Pair socks from laundry
  • Set the Table 
  • Help to prepare meals 

Ages 6-7

All of the above and the following..

  • Sort Laundry
  • Fold Laundry
  • Put own Laundry away
  • Outdoor Chores like Raking the leaves
  • Sweeping the Floor
  • Washing the baseboards
  • Vacuum 

You can allow your child to help you with the household chores when you believe they are ready to do so. It’s totally up to you to gauge what works for your family. 

Chores are an amazing way to teach your children that we all have to take part in a household. Chores may also help to instill good habits in your children for the future. 

There are many different ways to get your kids excited about chores, but in all honesty, teaching them from a young age is a great way to get started. 

Remember choosing the right chores for your child, can save you the drama and complaints! 

Do your Kids do Chores?


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