Parenting is Hard: The Many Seasons of Children

Season of kidsParenting is HARD! I swear to you that Children can change like the weather! They sometimes remind me of a beautiful, warm, summers day on the patio with my favorite iced tea with a tiny little umbrella in it and a good book. Other times they remind me of a cold winters day where high winds, heavy precipitation and white outs are imminent.

Take today for example. Today they are that winters day. These kiddies are blowing around the house, running a muck, tired, miserable, and just plain insistent upon arguing with everything I say, or getting into everything they are not supposed to. It’s cold and blustery in here and I am ill equipped in my t-shirt and pajama pants. For this kind of “Child Weather” I need a parka, a scarf, and good pair of waterproof boots in the form of a black coffee, some quiet time and some pink fuzzy slippers that can stay on my feet without being stolen by the wind.. or Baby Girl.

But those Summery days… Those summery days make everything better. Those summery days leave me going to bed at the end of the day satisfied with the way the day panned out. Those summery days remind me that on those cold, blustery days, there are always hot chocolate, warm fuzzy slippers and building snowmen to fall back on. 

Just because you feel like you might be getting frost bite, doesn’t mean it’s all bad. What if there is a cute doctor taking care of your frostbitten limbs? Right? Right? No, I haven’t been drinking. 

While Parenthood might not always be all sun and Iced Tea with tiny little umbrellas in it, just remember you can always build snowmen and drink hot chocolate on the days you feel you might be freezing your ass off. 

Have you Ever Felt Like you Were Trapped in a Child Tornado?


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  1. paula schuck on June 29, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Yes this too shall pass is a common mantra for me as a parent. It is ever changing. My youngest is a tornado often.

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