Hop into Spring With Kelloggs #Giveaway


Spring is here. At least it feels like it might be. The weather has warmed up and I don’t need a parka to go out my front door. Knock on wood, it’s time.  With spring comes Easter. Easter is just around the corner, and people are getting ready for get togethers, delicious food, exciting times…

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Spring Cleaning Hacks- How to Involve Your Kids

It’s here! Finally! Spring has sprung. Who needs some Spring cleaning hacks?!  In my house spring isn’t the only thing that has sprung, the hinges on my junk cabinets have sprung too. I have so much darn stuff jammed in those cabinets that the doors are starting to fall off.  Never fear, the kids are…

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Parenting is Hard: The Many Seasons of Children

Parenting is HARD! I swear to you that Children can change like the weather! They sometimes remind me of a beautiful, warm, summers day on the patio with my favorite iced tea with a tiny little umbrella in it and a good book. Other times they remind me of a cold winters day where high…

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