4 Ways To Protect Your Children’s Eyes in a High Tech World

Protect Your Kids Eyes

With our high tech world it’s no wonder more and more kids are using technological devices both at home and at school. With many schools implementing computerized testing, requirements of having Chrome books and similar in classrooms, kids are often spending over 7 hours a day with their eyes on a screen. While many parents…

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To the Person That Said Having Two Kids Was Easier Than One

We are fighting. Fisticuffs over here. You know why? Because my kids are fighting and it’s ACTUALLY freaking fisticuffs over here. So your unwelcome advice that having two kids would be “so much easier than having one” was incredibly far off… at least most of the damn time. You see, I do want two kids.…

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Cope with Mom Stress – Save Your Cotton Balls

Mom stress can grab you tightly by the proverbial Cotton Balls and not let go if you let it. Let’s save those Cotton Balls to remove your Nail Polish shall we? Yes, we shall. We can’t let the stresses of being a Mom consume us. We just can’t. If we do, it takes away all…

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New Mom Essentials- 20 Must Haves for Every New Mom

New Mom Essentials

Ah the lovely joy of being pregnant, you just found out the news that you are expecting a newborn baby in about nine months and now everyone has to tell you the new mom essentials. There are some people in your life who have this little switch flicked that make it so all they can…

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Life Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

Life SKills

There are some life skills that every parent should teach their child. These stem beyond the basics that are common sense. You know the life skills that help them to survive as an adult in the big wide world on Earth. Those regular life skills are a given, but what some parents may not think…

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New Mom Problems and How to Combat Them

Becoming a new Mom can be amazing, but it also comes with new Mom problems. Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the home sounds so appealing to many expectant parents, for mothers after having nine long months of carrying that extra weight around they are ready for relief. The thing about being a new…

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How to Help Kids Handle Emotions

It can seem impossible to help kids handle emotions. As a parent our main job is to teach our kids to lead a happy, healthy and positive life so that they grow up to be a well-rounded member of society. Every parent defines what well-rounded means for their own family unit, but there’s one thing…

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Your Child’s Bathroom Humor and How to Handle it

Child's Bathroom Humor

Many kids pick up bathroom humor shortly after being potty trained. This phase can last a long time but usually diminishes when they head off to school. While this is a completely natural experience for both boys and girls of the toddler age, it can leave parents in pure disgust and shock. The first step…

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Top Tips for Fabulous Family Photos

Family Photos

That dreaded family photo, for many families having a photo taken of every individual in the family unit can be a tedious task. Little John doesn’t want to sit still, while Lucy is ready and smiling awaiting the snap of the camera. Amidst all this, you have the adults trying to look happy even with…

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What Does Being a Mom Mean? – The Meaning of Mom

Being a Mom

When you first get this job title of Mom, you imagine all of those tough decisions. Breast or bottle, to circumcise or not, co-sleeping or independent sleeping will be some of the most challenging portions of your motherhood career. It seems like those are the most intense topics that everyone discusses when you announce that…

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