Cope with Mom Stress – Save Your Cotton Balls

Mom stress can grab you tightly by the proverbial Cotton Balls and not let go if you let it. Let’s save those Cotton Balls to remove your Nail Polish shall we? Yes, we shall.

We can’t let the stresses of being a Mom consume us. We just can’t. If we do, it takes away all the joy and fun of being a Mom. If you just read that last sentence and laughed, then you have already been consumed by the Mom stress. QUICK. Run a hot bath, take a deep breath and read this crap awesome stuff again. 

mom stress

Are you ready now? Hear me out. 

How to Stop the Mom Stress


No seriously. Just take a deep breath. Lots of deep, cleansing breaths. Don’t hyperventilate or anything, just kind of breathe. If you have to run to the bathroom and lock the door and put on headphone for 2 mins just to be able to take that breath, you should do it. Breathing means you are alive. You’re good. You’ve got this. 

Order In

Don’t make dinner. Just don’t. Take a damn break! You deserve it. Order something in and make sure to ask that they include cutlery and plates, this will also save you the sink aftermath. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Seriously stop it. When you are a parent, there isn’t enough deodorant in the world to save you from all the small shit you could be sweating over, so instead of sweating over it, just don’t. Instead, see the first suggestion and follow it by the second suggestion above and then repeat for as long as necessary.. you’ll never have to cook or wash dishes again! Just kidding, sort of. 

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

You can’t please everyone. Nope. You can’t. In trying to please everyone you will be making yourself miserable, stressed and overwhelmed. If you say no to volunteering to run the table for the bake sale at your kids school, I promise you will feel liberated. You don’t HAVE to be super parent. You CAN say no once in a while. Otherwise you are allowing yourself to become completely stressed and overwhelmed in order to make others happy. Make YOU happy. Instead of running the bake sale, go get your nails done. 

Parenting can be a tough job but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stressed and overwhelmed all the time. You need to learn to be able to take care of YOU as much as you want to take care of the kids. 

Save those cotton balls for removing your nail polish after your awesome manicure from being a bake sale ditcher.

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