Spring Cleaning Hacks- How to Involve Your Kids

It’s here! Finally! Spring has sprung. Who needs some Spring cleaning hacks?! 

In my house spring isn’t the only thing that has sprung, the hinges on my junk cabinets have sprung too. I have so much darn stuff jammed in those cabinets that the doors are starting to fall off. 

Spring Cleaning Hacks

Never fear, the kids are here!

No Seriously. I always involve the kids in my spring cleaning escapades. Why you ask? Well, because child labour. NO NO NO I am kidding. Don’t be mad. The real answer is: Because work ethic. Because learning to help out. Because, most of it is their crap so they can darn well help! 

How to Involve Your Kids in Spring Cleaning

Have a Game Plan

Make sure that you start out your Spring Cleaning journey with a game plan. Give everyone a “List” of tasks that are theirs to complete. 


Having a “reward” system in place is a great motivator to have the kids help you out. For every room they finish cleaning they get 1/2 an hour of TV in the bank. 

Dance Party

Put on some music and make it a dance party. Heck, make it a dance-a-thon. The first person to stop dancing while cleaning has to clean the fridge. 

Dress Up 

Princesses can clean too! Dress up in your best costume while you do your spring cleaning. Have a tea party when you are done. 

Make it a Contest

See who can clean their designated area fastest. Bonus points for whoever helps out another family member with their cleaning. 

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to do it alone. When you are done, you and the kids can have a Garage sale using some great Garage sale tips

Happy Spring! 

Do you Involve Your Kids in Spring Cleaning?

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