4 Things I say to Myself After My Kids go to Bed

After my Kids go to bed, I have conversations with myself. Not full blown conversations, really. Mostly just fleeting moments of thought. Sometimes I do reassure myself though, or devise a plan to over come what bothers me as a parent, wife and person. 

There are moments, that I do wonder if I am the only person that does this. Parenting, wife-ing and Life-ing is not easy and sometimes, I just have to talk myself through it. 

Woman listening to herself

4 Things I say to Myself After My Kids go to Bed

Why did I do that… 

I find myself going over the day in my head and questioning every little action. Why did I get mad? Well, Jen, you got mad because you asked the kids twice to stop jumping on the couch and they didn’t stop. In fact, one fell off the couch. They chose to behave this way while you were on the phone with someone from work and you ended up leaving the work call by muttering something quickly about an injury and hanging up in this persons ear while your 4 year old screamed in the background… So, of course you were mad. I raised my voice, but I will do better next time…

I will do better next time

I always vow to be more patient the next day. After a long day, when I may have gotten a little elevated with the kids, I always convince myself that I will be more calm the next time things get overwhelming. I try, but sometimes things get elevated, and every single time they do, I have this conversation with myself. 

The List in my head

After the kids are in bed and I am settling in to relax for the evening, I tend to go over “the list” in my head. This so called list, is a checklist of items that need to be taken care of. “Laundry, pizza day money, lunches….” I go through each and every item and try to decide what has to be done first the next day. 

The Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve

The guilt about my parenting fails, the embarrassment from leaving the house in the sweat pants that don’t fit… again, ordering in because I didn’t want to cook.. or do dishes. All of the things that I could have done, the things I would have done, or the things I should have said, they all have a little meeting in my head after the kids go to bed. 

What do you say to yourself after the kids go to bed?


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