Gross Things Kids do- 15 Gross Things You Hope your Kids won’t do

There are so many gross things kids do. Let’s face it. Kids are pretty darn disgusting sometimes. 

Gross things kids do

Don’t get me wrong I love my little Munchkins! That doesn’t mean I have to Love or even like the gross things kids do. I don’t.

Now, this isn’t meant to sum up all kids and not every single one will apply either. I am sure there are so kids out there that aren’t gross at all. I’ve yet to meet one, but I will take  your word for it. Oh the Gross Things Kids do…. 

15 Gross Things Kids do 

1. Backwash, in everything. 

You will pour yourself a fresh glass of water and go the washroom quickly, come back and take a huge gulp only for it to be chunky. Your little one decided to take a sip while you were in the bathroom. While they had crackers in their mouth. Mmmm.

2. They Pick Their Noses.

A lot. They will pick their noses a lot. In fact, they will invest a lot of time digging as far in that nose as they can get. It’s a lovely sight.

3. Wipe Their Boogers on Everything.

The couch, their pants, you…

4. They EAT their Boogers. 

Yes, EAT. Sure, they won’t eat broccoli but a huge booger from their nose is fair game.

5. Try to Lick EVERYTHING.

The Pavement, The side of your car… The Dogs Face….Just to see what it might taste like. 

6. Blow Spit Bubbles.


7. Forget to Wash their Hands. 


8. Eat Stuff off The Floor. 

They will gladly eat a 3 week old cracker they found on the floor under the couch. This brings me back to the not eating broccoli. 

9. Let the Dog Lick Their Mouth.

When they are toddlers… they will kiss the dog… and let the dog lick their mouth.. then they will try to kiss you while dog slobber drips off their face. 

10. Wipe Everything on Their Sleeves.

Food, Boogers… anything. It’s too difficult to find a cloth or a tissue.

11. Play with Mud.. Or at least I hope it’s mud.

Every chance they get they will cover themselves, from head to toe in what you HOPE is mud. Smell test anyone?

12. Forget to Flush. 

It is almost inevitable that you will walk into the bathroom after your child, only to find a gigantic poop that smells something like your child has been eating 3 week old crackers off the floor. 

13. Poop Their Pants.

Kids poop their pants. Often.

14. Barf.. on You.

Chances are if you are taking care of a sick child, you will get barfed on, at least once. In fact, you may act as a barf magnet, all they want is a hug. 

15.  Eat Snow. 

This doesn’t sound so bad, but they rarely discriminate in WHAT snow they are consuming…. YUCK.

What Gross Things Kids Do, have you witnessed? Not your Kids of course…. They don’t do Gross things EVER! 



  1. Chantal A on November 27, 2014 at 9:55 am

    OMG my kids do sooo many things on this list. The first thing I hoped they didn’t do when I found out I was having kids was pick their nose and worse eat it and guess what? It is something that I have to constantly remind my kids not to do. So Gross!!!

  2. Jessica on December 28, 2014 at 6:22 am

    OMG. When my little brother was a baby my mum was changing his nappy and then he peed all over mum and the walls. But not only that. Later that day he barfed in her MOUTH! So glad it wasn’t me.

    • Ninja Mommers on December 28, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      This just made me laugh so darn hard! I have been peed on before by my son, same situation as your Mom. I WAS SHOCKED! The barf in then mouth is SO BAD. lol

    • Olivia on February 10, 2023 at 1:16 pm

      you know my baby brother does that and it is groossssss

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