10 Crazy things Parents Do

There are many Crazy things Parents do, that you will never know until you are a parent. I have to admit. I was surprised I have taken part in some of these. In fact, most of them. I may just do some crazy things parents do! Yeep! 

Crazy things parents do

Parenting isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright confusing and terrifying at time. As a parent you will find yourself doing some pretty interesting things you NEVER thought you would do.

10 Crazy Things Parents Do

1. Sometimes Story time doesn’t Consist of reading… fully. 

It’s bedtime. It’s been a long day. The kids have driven you up the wall and back down again and taken the scenic route every time. You are EXHAUSTED. You Love your kids. You do. You just want them to GO TO SLEEP though. You can hardly focus on anything. So, you fudge the book. 

Yes, FUDGE THE BOOK. You read a paragraph, the next page you read a sentence, you skip a few pages without them noticing and you make it work. Story time was over quicker, kids are happy and it’s off to bed. You don’t do this every night, no. Sometimes, it’s almost necessary though. This certainly isn’t the extended story time you see in the movies, but you made it work. Just this once.

2. The Loudest Toy in the house, Mysteriously breaks. 

It’s NOT a mystery. That stupid toy never SHUTS UP. You have had enough so you remove the batteries and claim it’s broken. Your kids can still cuddle or play with it, it’s just not nearly as annoying. Oh they Crazy things Parents do. 

3. Use Your Child as an Excuse to Get out of Something

My kid is sick. My Kid is naughty. My kid is a kid. I’ve done it. I didn’t want to do something so I bailed, using my Child as an excuse. Sometimes, you just don’t WANNA!

4. Talk to Anyone about Anything

An adult comes to your door. Maybe they are the mail man. Maybe it’s a Jehovah’s witness. Whoever it is, it doesn’t matter. You squawk about anything you can think of just to keep the adult conversation going. 

5. Try on Your Wedding Dress when no one is around

Ok, so maybe not everyone does this. I have. Don’t judge me. Just for the sake of honesty here… it’s too small now. It will fit again one day. MARK MY WORDS.

6. Just Dance like No one’s Watching

I have to admit, I boogie on down in front of my kids. I probably look awful. I have the “Jimmy Legs” thing going on. I slightly resemble Elaine from Seinfeld but my kids don’t care. I wouldn’t dance in front of anyone else with the same vigor I do to my kid’s fave songs. Yep. Crazy things Parents do…. 

7. Pretend to Enjoy the Taste of Something You Strongly Dislike

Mmmmm, these Brussel Sprouts are so DELICIOUS! They taste like candy. Yeah Fart Candy, but you are going to eat them like you love em because you want your Little one to at least try it.

8. Hide to eat

I have hidden to eat something before. Especially when my little one won’t nap. WHAT?! I DON’T WANT TO SHARE today. GOSH! 

9.  Sing Songs from Your Child’s Fave Show… in the Shower.

Yep. I have sang so many different songs in the shower from my kids fave shows. No more cool Megadeth for me.. at least in the shower, I am all about Dora The Explorer now. 

10. You do the Same Load of Laundry 3 times

You put the laundry in the wash, forgot about it and went down the next day to put more clothes in…. and there was your wet laundry getting smelly. You rewash it… and repeat this process about 3 times before you actually complete that load. This may just be part of the crazy things parents do. Yes? Please tell me I am not alone. 

Have You Done any of these Crazy Things that Parents do?


  1. Alyssa on December 15, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    I think I’ve done all of these except the wedding dress because I don’t have a wedding dress…lol You gave me the laughs with this one! 😉

  2. answerthetullyphone on April 22, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Absolutely, but not so much the wedding dress, I don’t think Sherri would like that….who am I kidding she know what I’m like! lol

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