Why Dads Matter


Children are born into this world with two parents for a reason, both parents play an equally important role in the child’s life, but why is it that Dad’s matter? What is it about Dads that make children so happy? What key role does Dad play in your child’s life? Let’s start by being very…

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10 Crazy things Parents Do

There are many Crazy things Parents do, that you will never know until you are a parent. I have to admit. I was surprised I have taken part in some of these. In fact, most of them. I may just do some crazy things parents do! Yeep!  Parenting isn’t easy. In fact, it can be…

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5 Things NOT to say to Parents- Mind Your Own Beeswax

There has been a lot of media buzz surrounding a certain incident regarding a woman that felt the need to tell a Mother to correct her child, who was misbehaving in a store.  To me, there is never a reason, unless blatant abuse is taking place, to say a darn thing to a Parent about…

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