6 Things Children Teach us

Children teach us so many things. Parenthood is such a lovely time, watching our children grow from newborns into well rounded, responsible adults is the most rewarding job one ever holds in life. While we are busy teaching our children life lessons, skills and coping mechanisms for all that they will face in life, our children are busy teaching us some lessons of their own. There are many things a parent can learn from their child. Children teach

Children Teach us..

  • Start Each Day Anew – children teach us that every day is a new day, think about it, your child wakes up each day forgetting about the baggage from yesterday. It is rare to find a toddler whining about their time out they had the day before, it’s always a new day for children. Learn to Let it go, your children have.e
  • Have Courage – while you enjoy watching your child be courageous, having no fear in their everyday life, they are actually teaching you to let go and work beyond your own boundaries life experiences have created for you. Children teach you to find courage within.
  • Laughter Cures All – ever wonder why your child is so quick to move on from a boo-boo or a bad situation just by laughing at one of your silly jokes? We hear all too often that laughter cures all; well we learn that from watching our children respond to our silliness after a mishap.
  • Active Lifestyle – children seem to have an everlasting amount of energy built up inside of them where they can just go all day long. Our children teach us, through their endless energy, that it’s easy to lead an active lifestyle, no matter your age.
  • Be Confident – the world revolves around children, they each have a way to just make every story about them being the star of the show and we admire that about them. Children teach us to be confident and proud of our own accomplishments without guilt.
  • Appreciate the Small Things – children have a fantastic way of seeing the world through a different set of eyes than adults do. Children appreciate those small things that happen each day in their world and in turn we learn to appreciate the small things too.

Children bring on such a new view of the world to our lives, from their courageous moments of testing body limits and boundaries to their countless acts of kindness and self-confidence in thinking that they are the ruler of their world. As a parent, we should take more time to notice those lessons our children teach us and implement them into our own day-to-day life.

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