When Mom is Sick, No one Cares

Is it true that when Mom is sick no one cares? I am not sure 100% sure, but honestly, it sure as heck seems that way. mom is sick

My 4 year old daughter came down with a brutal cold on Monday of last week. She was coughing, sneezing and snotting all over everything in her path. In fact, she was just generally feeling yucky. So of course, I babied the crap out of her. She got to cuddle into her blankets, watch whatever she wanted on TV and mow down on Popsicles. That sounds like the life to me! However, I always dread when the kids get sick, because then that means that my Husband may get it and if he gets it…. oh boy. Man Flu all over the dang place. 

When I woke up on Saturday morning, the first thing I heard was husband coughing, hacking and moaning away. I pretended to be asleep in hopes that I was just dreaming but, oh no… I wasn’t. A few minutes go by, and husband turns to me and says: “I amm sooo siiiiickkkkk”. 


He follows his moans and groans with a “Babe, can you please take care of me.” 


Of course I can.. So I do. Being sick stinks, I know it does so I do quite enjoy making other people feel better, or at least being able to offer some comfort to them. So I spent the last week taking care of sick kids and sick husband. 

Well guess what?! 

They are finally better! Husband still has a little residual sick, but he can life without my help now. Isn’t that great news? 

You’d think so… except.. 

I woke up this morning, my eyes were dry and heavy, my head felt like it weighed 100lbs and my throat felt as though it had a frog… no, a dinosaur in it…. So I rolled over in bed and cough and sneezed. I moaned and groaned and you know what happened? Nothing. Nothing happened. No one said: “Oh poor you, I will take care of you!” Nope. None of that. Just a whole lot of: “Mom what’s for breakfast?”, “Mom where are my socks?”, “Mom… Mom… MOOOOOM!?” When mom is sick…. NOTHING.

If a Mom feels sick in her bed and no one is around to hear her, does it even matter at all?

Probably not. 

So I am just going to sit here, waiting for someone to come take care of me. Do you think I should hire someone to come dust me off once in a while? I have a feeling I will be waiting for a long time. 


Do you feel that when Mom is sick, no one cares?



  1. Rachell on March 29, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    Yes I feel that way. I have never asked my husband to take care of me but I’m going to ask next time.Your husband asked you to please take care of him. I was like wow I’ll do the same. Maybe that’s why I feel no one cares cause I haven’t let them know I need them to care.

  2. Mej on December 12, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    My son and I have been very clearly sick this whole week and when I finally was losing my temper today after having been sick all week and doing ALLLLL the things, my husband said “why are you so upset?” When I responded with “because I am sick and freakin exhausted!!” He goes “you didnt tell me that..” yes. In between blowing my nose, turning on the humidifier for my son and I, I apologize for not pointing out the obvious to you. ‍♀️

  3. S on April 7, 2021 at 2:18 am

    I agree with you. My daughter was sick last week and I was the best comforter she could have. Of course my husband continued to work and come back to cuddle her and read bedtime stories to her. Now while my daughter recuperates, 2 days back I felt feverish. Yesterday I was in a lot of body pain. Guess what my husband did, he went to work came back home for lunch “to check on me” and then left for work again and came back to read stories to her and cuddle her and ask me “how are you?” once. No check if I am taking my meds, while he checked hers 3-4 times. It’s assumed we are adults enough to take care of ourselves ? When he was sick last year I didn’t leave his side for a minute, producing things before him even before he asked for it. What does a woman have to do here to get some care without asking for it ? It’s assumed our roles are of caregivers but come on – we are human. We want to be cared for. I am so missing my mum right now but I can’t call her over because I am worried I will give her what I have. I know this is just the fever talking and tomorrow I may just laugh this off.

  4. Pili on December 26, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    Thank God there’s somewhere I can vent. Even if nobody sees it I at least want to say what’s making me so angry.
    My son got sick Tuesday of last week. He had a headache and wasn’t feeling well while at boxing practice.
    Thank God my husband believed him since he works out with him and always think any of us should just push through whatever ails us.
    It’s awful how he thinks!
    My poor kids.
    Well son got sick and he got over it quick. Gave him some medicines for cough and cough drops but he’s super strong and isn’t the type to lay down.
    I am!! I will milk it bc I’m usually the one that runs the house and when I feel sick well I think I deserve to take a rest to get to full recovery. The only thing is the 1st days I’m starting to feel I caught it I realize I better get to working around the house because it’s the weekend and I worked all my home health hours needed in 2 days to be able to attend a funeral and then next day was Christmas Eve.
    Well I don’t know if me trying to do too much all at once to enjoy my family off time worked bc I ended up getting sick.
    Then Thursday the day before Christmas Eve we go to the funeral masks on.
    And I’m starting to feel the beginning of he cold coming in.
    Hopefully I didn’t spread it. I didn’t show symptoms yet.
    Then go home and finish a weeks worth of dishes and 5 loads of laundry, including changing beddings. Cleaning and sweeping boys room under beds. They swept some but not as much as I did.
    Then I pooped out. I needed to get on my bed!
    Husband wakes up from his 3 hour nap and sees me in bed as I am telling my older son how to finish off the chicken soup I’m coaching him through how to make and husband tells in in the worst degrading berating tone to get up and do it myself!!
    Ooh!! I was not having it at all!
    I threw a bucket of water on the ground he asked who did that he told me to clean it up I’m yelling at the top of my lungs that he is so mean! I’m sick! I did a lot this morning and I feel Bad! I tell him I hate him so many times at the top of my lungs and he covers my mouth and I wanted to leave but he took the keys from me.
    Im milking it now.
    I look like crap and am feeling better. But it just irks me what if I were to have a real illness.!
    These people are so cold! I’m going to make him suffer. And eventually tell him what I do not like. I’m going to be purely honest. This marriage was based on a foundation on Christ who was a servant to us all. What makes him better then Christ our king. He’s not!
    If this is how he’s going to be with me not trying to be empathetic when I feel bad then this is going to be a tough road and I’m not budging.

  5. Mara on February 12, 2022 at 3:10 pm

    I just yelled at my daughter I’m so sick of you. I didn’t mean for it to come out so rude but I’ve had the stomach flu or food poisoning this is the 4th day I’m definitely feeling better, but still dizzy and nauseous. The 1st day I was so sick I wanted to go to the ER. My husband brought me Gatorade and that’s it for 4 DAYS NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE ASKED IF I NEEDED ANYTHING. My daughter got sick for about 24 hours if that and I popped up out of my grave and tended to her. Which I was fine with until I finally came out of bed and my house needs cleaned. No one did anything but make it worse. I turned on the roomba and asked her to pick up the dog toys and she just sat there…Thats when I yelled. Now I’m the asshole #momlife

  6. KD on January 19, 2024 at 10:25 pm

    Wow, Ladies I am sick right now and so glad to read these posts. I have read every one of them so your words did not fall on deaf ears. I can relate to every one of you. The “No one did anything but make it worse” And especially the “What if I had a real illness” That hit home. Only thing they’d miss is the maid here. I heard one of you say you miss your mum, I can relate. I miss the days when I had my parents (they went to be with Jesus a long time ago) but I had a moment when I actually broke down in tears today.It hurts that no one is there for us and we have to be the sole caretakers.

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