Cheap or Free Fall Family Activities

Fall is fast approaching and there are so many things you can do to enjoy it. Fall is one of my favorite seasons in fact, I love being able to put on a nice warm sweater and sip a warm tea as the cool air breezes through the house. The colourful leaves on the trees, the crisp fall air. Oh I just love it so much. 

There are many Fall Family activities that you can participate in with your family and many of them are cheap or even FREE! Take advantage of this beautiful season and enjoy it with your family. 

Go on a Leaf Hunt

Go on a walk to discover some of the beautiful leaves that have fallen from the trees. Pick out a few of your favorites and put them in a backpack. Bring them home to make some beautiful fall crafts with them. 

Fall Family Activities

Rake The Leaves

Rake up the leaves into huge piles in the yard and then take turns jumping into them. 

Go Camping

Go camping in your own backyard as a family. Get sleeping bags, flashlights and tell scary stories. Make some S’Mores Sundaes to enjoy together. 


Bake Together

Use some Awesome Sweet and Savory Pumpkin recipes for fall. If it’s close to Halloween find some awesome Halloween Recipes and bake up some spooky treats together. 

fall activities

Visit Your Local Farm

Visit your local farm and go apple picking and enjoy a hayride.


Decorate your House

Decorate your house for Halloween using some awesome DIY Halloween Craft and Decoration ideas. 

Make Apple Cider

Try different Apple Cider recipes and then have a Cider taste testing with the neighbours.


Fall Family Activities

Go Pumpkin Picking

Visit the Pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect Pumpkin to carve and then Roast the Pumpkin seeds

Fall is a great chance to have some real fun! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Beautiful changing leaves… What a great time of year! 

What Fall Family Activities do you like to participate in?


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