The Joys Of Pregnancy- When Things get Difficult

Well, Ladies and gentlemen I will have officially reached week 37 as of this week- What a trip this has been. The joys of pregnancy are starting to dissipate a little.  I have to admit that being pregnant this time around has not been nearly as calm as the first time. Little Man gave me stretch marks and saggy boobies but Baby Girl has added to the stretch marks and added Vericose Veins and some really interesting ones that have decided to grow at the top of my legs due to the fact that she is putting so much pressure on down there that they are causing my foot and leg to swell like crazy!

Now, please don’t take this post as being a jerk. I am lucky that I am able to carry my own children, and I know that, so please don’t take offence to me complaining…. 

 the joys of pregnancy

I actually forced myself to go in to the Hospital today to get it checked out because it randomly started the other night and the swelling wouldn’t subside. I am still perplexed as to how fast this took place. Anyways, when I noticed that I was swollen from my leg to my toes. I decided to lay down for the night and elevate my leg.

Upon waking up in the morning I noticed that my leg and foot were still swollen so I proceeded to sit down and elevate my foot again! I went to the bathroom later that afternoon and felt some swelling in my right groin area- I decided to look in the mirror- since I can’t see my groin passed my belly no matter how hard I try- and noticed that it was in fact swollen, but it also looked severely bruised from beside my groin traveling a bit down my right thigh!

Husband/Daddy took me over to the Birthing Unit to get examined. As I sat there the nurse examined my legs and my upper thigh/groin area. She decided right then and there to tell me that I needed to have an ultrasound to make sure that I didn’t have a blood clot in my leg… A BLOOD WHAT!? I wanted to scream and cry at the same time… A blood clot is scary sounding to me.. so, how about no?

They sent me packing down to have an ultrasound on my leg to check for blood clots… I sat there nervously waiting the results and finally they called me back in- this time the OB on call was there to inform me of the results and let me know what was going on. He looked at me and said: “Well, it’s NOT a blood clot!” I said: “YAHOO!” But what it is it then? I couldn’t feel my leg properly and it just felt weird around my groin region. He told me that he was going to take a look at it and said then told me that it was called “varicosity of the leg veins” at the top of my thigh and that they were very swollen and only going to get worse as the pregnancy goes on. Apparently they “Go away” after I have the baby, but the only thing that can make them better is having her… OH YAY!

 Why!? It’s so uncomfortable. I am thanking my lucky stars that it is NOT a blood clot- but I am staying off my feet as much as possible now- even when it’s hard for me to do because there are a million dishes in the sink- They can wait… I mean it…. ugh I am sweating just thinking about those damned dishes…

Oh the Joys of Pregnancy! 

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