6 Reasons to Tell Your Children You Love Them Every Day, Multiple Times a Day

Tell your children you love them! Love has the power to change lives; just one fleeting moment of feeling love makes you giddy with joy. When we feel loved we tend to lead happier and healthier lives, because love really brings out the best in us. Feeling love just makes us change, almost overnight, we become something that we weren’t before that feeling arrived, it’s simply awesome. Tell your Children you love them, every single day, multiple times a day. 

tell your children you love them

6 Reasons to Tell your Children You Love Them

  • Feel Valuable – when you express unconditional love to your child it allows them to feel value in who they are. Letting your child know that you love them, as they are, really boosts their self-esteem and allows them to place value upon their own self.
  • Chance for Growth – a child who feels loved also gains a chance for growth, unconditional love can flourish growth within. A child will learn their own patience, understanding and gain wisdom when you tell them you love them.
  • Allowing of Mistakes – loving a person means that we accept that they are imperfect beings who make mistakes. A child learns to acknowledge, accept and learn from their mistakes when you tell them you love them, because love is forgiveness.
  • Love Produces Joy – children who grow up feeling loved by their parents have more joy in their life. Love produces joy for all ages from birth to 100. Telling your child you love them brings a level of joy incomparable to any other accomplishment.
  • Reduces Fear – a child who feels more valuable, grows and knows they can make mistakes has less fear because they feel secure in being loved by their parents. Whether it’s a hug from you to help them calm from a scary moment or words of wisdom during trying times, fear is reduced when a child is loved.
  • Teaches Love – when you tell your child you love them it leads them to know how to love others. Love in fact teaches more love and allows your child to be more of a patient, kind hearted, and outgoing person as they grow older.

The emotion of love is so powerful that it not only changes you, but it changes the person who we love! When we express love to our children they experience all of the changes that your average adult does, and it’s nothing but a positive experience. As parents we tend to want the best of for children, and with that is the need to express love, without conditions, to our children. Make sure to tell your children you love them every day.

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