10 Top Reasons Teachers SUCK – or do They?

Teachers SUCK

You see, teachers suck. They really do. I mean, aren’t they terrible people? Who in their right mind would agree to spend all day with your unruly, snot nosed little sh– I mean angels? There MUST be something wrong with teachers. If your child has been sent to the office, it CAN’T be because your…

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Creative Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Gifts This Holiday Season

Teacher Gifts

Teacher’s gifts are a great way to teach your children to be grateful for those who work hard to educate them. Whether it’s a special education teacher, a librarian or the classroom teacher that works all day to give those students the best education possible, they all deserve a nice gift. With the Holiday season comes…

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Dear Bully- A Letter to Bullies Everywhere

Letter to Bullies

 Dear Bully, I know you. I know you too well. You lurk everywhere I go. You seem to be waiting to pounce. Why? Why do you feel the need to degrade others and make them feel bad about themselves? Is it that I am not good enough? Is it that you feel you aren’t? Why?…

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