10 Top Reasons Teachers SUCK – or do They?

You see, teachers suck. They really do. I mean, aren’t they terrible people? Who in their right mind would agree to spend all day with your unruly, snot nosed little sh– I mean angels?

There MUST be something wrong with teachers. If your child has been sent to the office, it CAN’T be because your adorable little munchkin tried to plug the bathroom toilet in the boy’s room with their best friend’s hoodie. No no, it’s because those lazy teachers just don’t want to do the job they are being paid in peanut shells for. It’s because they can’t handle their life choices or the debt they have incurred trying to stay afloat because they hate your kids so much.

They took this job for the “money” that’s why. 

If I hear one more person complain to me about how “entitled” teachers are, how much teachers suck, I may scream. Do teachers have an easy job? No. Are they always right? NO. Are you? Pfffft. NAW. Teachers DO make mistakes because they ARE human. HUMAN people. 

Now, as a disclosure, I am willing to tell you that not ALL teachers ARE equal. Some DO care more than others. Like anything, some are better at their job than others are. Some teachers have different methods and sometimes you may not like them. Some are straight-up wrong but I am going to be honest with you here. I have had a 90% success rate so far with my children and their teachers. There was that tiny 10% that at one time I didn’t agree with all the time, but I also did my absolute best to work with that teacher because after all that teacher was only there for a year of my child’s life and if we worked together, there was less resistance on all three ends, and the majority of the time, things were great and my child was learning. Now, if someone is blatantly ignoring your child’s needs etc. That’s different. 

I am just so tired of people complaining about teachers when they strike, when they fight for what they are worth, and when they do what they feel is necessary to help your child and other children in their classes progress in life. 

10 Reasons Teachers Suck

  1. They spend all day ensuring your Children are safe… as well as at least 20 other kids. 
  2. Teachers spend some of their time off grading papers and planning education plans.
  3. Your child thinks they don’t have to listen to them, so the teacher disciplined them.
  4. Who else gets all summer off? I mean, hello they get two months to do… NOTHING. (Except not get paid during that time and plan for the next school year… maybe take a summer job to hold them over.) 
  5. They invest their entire day in helping your child learn, grow and develop. 
  6. Teachers don’t stop thinking about their students as soon as the day is over, if someone in their class is having trouble, they go home and action plan. Sometimes they lose sleep over YOUR kids. Gosh, teachers suck!
  7. Parents are so awesome to deal with, some are really, really insistent that their child isn’t a problem and so it must be the teacher’s fault. Every single day that their child misbehaves, it has everything to do with the teachers and nothing to do with their parents. How dare teachers try to give your kids the structure you refuse to give them yourself.
  8.  Going to the school when the buses are canceled in 10 feet of snow… HOW DARE THEY? 
  9. Spending lunch break dealing with your child’s meltdown instead of eating their lunch? What’s wrong with them. Disgusting. 
  10. Teachers love your kids, they want to see them succeed. This alone is awful, isn’t it? 

I think it’s time we give teachers the respect they deserve and stop acting like spoiled little brats because it’s that behaviour that teaches our children they don’t have to listen to, respect or care what their teachers say. It’s that behaviour that is creating problems within the school. It’s that behaviour that shows your children they can come to cry to you when they did something wrong and someone else will get the blame, someone that was just doing their job taking care of your child. trying to guide them in the right direction and keep the rest of your child’s classmates safe from your child’s exploits. 

If you haven’t thanked a teacher today, you should. 

Be a united front with your child’s school, teachers, and faculty. You will see a huge difference in how they respond to you and how your child responds to them. 


  1. mamabear6910 on September 7, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    HAHA!! I CRINGE when i hear those words. sometimes i want to say, what about your kid, the one that gives the teacher grief.. I haven’t had any issues with teachers so far so good. Not a job I could do. I support teachers, they are helping our children grow.

    • Ninja Mommers on September 7, 2018 at 3:46 pm

      I totally agree. It drives me fucking crazy when people always blame the teachers and not their kids.

  2. wellthisisrandom on September 15, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    In my opinions and experiences teachers suck why does the whole class have to get punished cause one person did something bad?

  3. jasonwest45 on November 11, 2021 at 7:48 am

    look i agree with you on alot of this points. but i would probably say that the teacher that follows everyone or most is a really good teacher and deserves respect however i feel sadly that they are the minority in the grand scheme of things. most of my teachers i had in school didnt really give a damn thus i cant remember them though i was in a public school with over 1600 teenagers but the few i can remember were really great and new my name.

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