Creative Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Gifts This Holiday Season

Teacher’s gifts are a great way to teach your children to be grateful for those who work hard to educate them. Whether it’s a special education teacher, a librarian or the classroom teacher that works all day to give those students the best education possible, they all deserve a nice gift. With the Holiday season comes the desire to give a creative gift to your children’s teacher. While you can go to the local store and pick up a card, there’s something to be said about getting a little creative with the strategy when it comes to gifting the teacher who will be educating your child all year long.

Teacher Gifts

Creative Gifts for Your Child’s Teacher

Write a Poem

A teacher will truly appreciate having a student utilize the skills they have learned throughout the year to craft up a cute poem. Allow your child to use their imagination and have fun creating a poem for their teacher. Have your child think of words to describe their teacher, let them mold each word into a sentence that forms a poem. Once completed, print it on a pretty stock card piece of paper and consider framing it before wrapping it up.

Supplies Gift Basket

Take your child to your local office supply store and have them select items to fill a supplies gift basket for their teacher. Most teachers have to purchase their own supplies for the classroom so this creative gift idea for teachers really helps offset their out of pocket costs. Have your child decorate a basket so that this gift is more than just supplies tossed together. Adding some personal touch to your supplies gift basket just makes this creative gift idea more special.

Creative Printables

Another creative gift idea for teachers is to look online for printables that you can use for free. Some sites offer a play on words printable for gift giving of scissors. This is the perfect addition to your supplies gift basket. With a touch of humor, play on words and creativity using printables will surely be a fun experience for your child to gather up a creative gift idea for their teacher anytime of the school year.

Gift Cards

Last, but not least, try to gather up some $10 gift cards for a variety of locations. Some ideas include Amazon, local restaurant, local hotel or inn, and possibly an office supply store. Consider giving a few gift cards that tell the teacher to take a break, relax and splurge a little on supplies too. Have your child create their own gift card holder that they decorate with positive words about their teacher to go the extra mile with this gift idea.

Whatever you decide to do for a creative gift idea this Holiday season for your child’s teacher, just have fun with it and allow your child to take part in brainstorming ideas. When you encourage your child to gift their teacher every year you are teaching them to show gratitude and be thankful for those who help them along in life.


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