Creative Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Gifts This Holiday Season

Teacher Gifts

Teacher’s gifts are a great way to teach your children to be grateful for those who work hard to educate them. Whether it’s a special education teacher, a librarian or the classroom teacher that works all day to give those students the best education possible, they all deserve a nice gift. With the Holiday season comes…

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The Importance of Saving for Your Child’s Education

You hear frequently how important it is to ensure you save for your Child’s education, but do you truly know why? Saving for your Child’s education is quite important for many different reasons. Help Reduce Debt When you contribute to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for your child, you’ are helping to provide an…

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Me In A Tree Review

I was given the opportunity to review a wonderful program offered from Me in a tree. I got on and was super excited to get my family started, entering all our information and creating personalized characters for each of us. We all gathered around the computer (Baby girl didn’t really pay attention- she’s a bit…

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