Planning Summer Break With Kids

Summer break may be a time to sit back, relax and unwind from a busy school season, but do you really want to sit around hearing the kids say, “I’m bored” every five minutes? Most parents would much prefer to have their kids relaxing with many entertainment options. While planning for Summer break may seem like a daunting task, it really can be quite fun. Follow these tips on how to plan for Summer break with a few ideas on what to do with the kids when school lets out as a means to ensure your Summer break has less “I’m bored” moments and more “this is awesome” moments!

Summer Break

Create a Summer bucket list, assign your kids to start thinking about experiences and fun times they hope to have this Summer. Have each child create their own list of places to visit, games to play and friends to have over. Once each child has completed their own bucket list, combine the lists into one big family Summer break bucket list. Discuss which items are doable and which may be too far out of budget for this Summer, once you have planned out a Summer bucket list as a family, make it into one large poster board bucket list that hangs on the family room wall for all to see.

Planning Summer Break With Kids

Now that you have your bucket list ready for Summer fun, what will you do when you must get some work at home done, or the weather isn’t so up to par for the Summer bucket list items? Here are some ways to plan ahead for those rainy, gloomy Summer days:

  • Get Crafty – plan ahead by purchasing inexpensive craft items at a local dollar store so that the kids can use their creative side on a gloomy Summer day.
  • Assign Chores – if you must stay inside one day, assign chores to your kids but get creative to make the chores fun by playing music or making it a competition between siblings.
  • Indoor Picnic – there’s no reason to have to go outside for a picnic, plan a lovely picnic lunch for kids inside.
  • Learn Magic Tricks – there’s something about magic that inspires all ages, using the internet for research, have your kids each learn a new magic trick then put on a show for you.
  • Make Bubbles – this is a super inexpensive way to entertain kids for hours on end, learn to make bubbles and stock up before Summer break comes.

There are so many ways to enjoy Summer break with kids, the key is to start planning now to make sure you are being proactive in setting up Summer break to be full of awesome moments versus boredom moments. Remember, your kids are just coming out of a busy school year so when Summer break hits, they want to keep their minds occupied in a less stressful way.

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