It’s Ninja Mommers’ One Year #Blogoversary!

It’s Ninja Mommers’ Blogoversary! Well ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.. Pull out the streamers, the funny hats and those really annoying noise makers because today I have officially been publicly blogging for a whole YEAR!

What a year this has been! At the start of 2011, Husband/Daddy and Little Man and I, were living with friends in their 3 bedroom house after a rough 2010.

I decided to start publicly blogging on January 12 2011 to keep myself sane and to meet like minded people and let them know they are not alone and it has certainly helped. I started on blogspot and then June of this year transferred to my own domain thanks to a very important friend at MommyMatter. Without her I would never have started publicly blogging in the first place so a BIG thanks goes out to Christine.. I LOVE YA BOSS LADY! I have met many wonderful Mommy Bloggers along the way as well and without them I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself either!

This year has been a full one. We found out I was going to be an Aunt, Little Man was going to be a cousin and Husband/Daddy was going to be an uncle because my Little Sister was pregnant! We found out I was pregnant with Baby Girl and Little Man was going to be a big brother too! We finally moved into our own house again, Husband/Daddy got a great new Job with a Solar Company doing Electrical Supervising, Little Man became fully potty trained, Our Niece was born! Baby Girl FINALLY got the heck out of my belly, My friend Had a beautiful baby boy, and SO MUCH MORE! It’s been a busy but AMAZING year!

So, without further ado here is a look back at my first ever public blog post! Enjoy!


Shhhh.. are those footsteps?

How many times am I going to sit straight up on the couch remote in hand, tv muted, shushing everyone in the room!?

We have just moved our little monster.. ahem.. I mean little man, into a big boy bed. We figured 2 1/2, its time to make the transition from crib to toddler bed… He has been generally good with the transition, he likes to be in his bed, but I find myself often straining my ears until they bleed to see if I can hear his little footsteps march across the floor above our living room. There have only been a few times that we have had to go up and check on him because like I said he HAS been pretty good about this… but we literally have to ninja up the stairs to catch him out of bed. If he so much as hears the stairs creak (he must be straining his ears and shushing his stuffed animals the whole time) he runs as fast as he can back to his bed, jumps in, pulls the blankets up, closes his eyes and fake snores. The reason I know this is because he usually starts to giggle when I am just about to close the door again… That and my husband has reported back to me once I have retreated downstairs that he has heard him run back to bed as soon as I was a third of the way up the stairs.

Best part is that we have had a hard time lately and we are now sharing our friends 3 bedroom house with them, My husband and I have a room, Our little dude has a room and they have a room. We share the common areas of the house such as the kitchen, the living room etc. So when I say I am shushing everyone, I literally mean EVERYONE. I won’t be surprised if at some point they decide to chew the mute button off the remote just to prevent me from doing this.

Oh the joys of living with people with children… I am sure they are impressed.

I guess I have to start giving my little man a little more trust and stop listening for every movement, chances are if he’s up the worst he can do is fall asleep in a pile of stuffed animals, which would make for a good photo op once discovered in the morning…

One of my most recent struggles has become dinner time, to get him to sit down and eat a meal at the table without incident would be very nice. He has way too much on his little agenda to possibly have time to sit at the table and allow us all to enjoy a meal. Recently my meals have all come with a side of indigestion. We are working on this though. He thinks he’s going to bed without dinner and we have it made.. I mean who wants to go to bed at 5pm?! (*RAISES HAND… I DO I DO*) We will see what transpires I assume.

The next battle is soon to be the dreaded potty training… Which if I ask if he wants to use the potty, I usually get a very straight forward no, so we will see what happens… I am getting really sick of changing his diapers.. and certainly don’t want to have to do it until hes 26… SURPRISE WIFE… HE WAS NEVER POTTY TRAINED!

More to come later…

I believe nap time has come to an abrupt finish as of now”

Thanks again to all my readers and fellow bloggers that have helped me and enjoy reading! I am truly thankful for all of you!


  1. Multi-Testing Mommy on January 13, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Congrats! Let’s celebrate 😉 Hugs!

  2. Moms & Munchkins on January 14, 2012 at 7:01 pm


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