Proud Aunt to a Beautiful Baby Girl!


I am now a proud Aunt to a beautiful Little Girl. I met the little Angel whom we shall refer to as Baby A on Thursday September 29th at 1:58Pm. She was a healthy 8lbs 8oz, and way too precious for words to describe.

I got a text message at around 4:00am on Thursday Morning to let me know that the baby was coming! In fact, my ringer was off and I had just happened to pick up my cell and look at it… well, that got the ball rolling for me because there was no way that I was going to be able to get back to sleep and I had an hour and a half drive ahead of me so I got myself up and got ready to go…. I waited and waited for my boys to wake up- because of course I don’t drive, so I needed Husband/Daddy to drive me down to the hospital… It felt like an eternity when finally Little Man emerged from his room… I bombarded him with his clothes and threw some clothes at Husband/Daddy and got them ready to go. I don’t think either of them were fully awake when I shuffled them out the door towards the car… We started our drive down to the city and traffic was BAD. We sat in rush hour for what felt like forever and was getting sad and impatient that it was taking so terribly long for me to get there! When I finally walked into the hospital I was bombarded by people… and no it wasn’t my family. Nurses thought that I was there for me…. I had to reassure everyone that I Was not in fact in labour in any way shape or form and that I Was actually there to see my niece being born! Once I pushed past all the nurses etc. I made my way to the room where Baby A was to be born and ¬†when I Walked in

I was so happy to finally be there I almost passed out. I AM going to be an Aunt.. I get to meet my niece today! It didn’t take too long after I got there for everything to be under way.. Since I am supposed to be on bed rest I did my best to sit with my feet up waiting.. but I was also excited and MAY have pushed it a little too far with the pacing! Finally at 1:58pm my gorgeous baby niece was born and I finally got to see her and snuggle her. I forgot how small they are! She is just a blessing. She is amazing… and my niece is just gorgeous!

I CAN’T wait to be able to see Baby A again soon- and spoil my niece- and hopefully introduce Little Man and my little Baby Girl to their cousin Baby A!






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