Mom Fashion Faux Pas: Why Cereal in your Hair will NEVER be a Trend

Do you feel like you commit any Mom Fashion Faux Pas? I am almost certain I commit them at least daily. AT LEAST. I am guilty of every single one of these on this list. Every last one. I am not afraid to admit it. So be honest, have you done any of these out in public?

Mom Fashion Faux Pas

10 Mom Fashion Faux Pas

1. Mom Jeans

Those boxy jeans that make your otherwise spectacular booty look like a box. They gotta go sister. They just HAVE TO GO. 

2. Cereal in Your Hair

Cereal in Your Hair will never be a trend of a few reasons. For one, where there is cereal, there is usually milk… and milk smells when it has been sitting out. Do you want your hair to smell like sour Milk? No. No you don’t. Secondly, it makes you look like a bum.

3. Pajamas in Public

I do this. More than I’d like to admit. It’s tacky. I don’t fight it though. Sometimes, it just happens. BIG Mom Fashion Faux Pas! 

4. Track Suits, everywhere

I love track suits, track pants, pretty much anything extremely comfortable. However, I have heard that this is a big no no. 

5. Smeared Makeup 

Remember that one day that you woke up feeling amazing? You showered, did your make up and walked around all day looking like a goddess! However, you forgot that you had put makeup on at all and went to bed. You also woke up and walked your child to school with it smeared everywhere. Whoops.

6. The All About Children Purse

I have talked about this before. The weird things in a Mom’s Purse. This is embarrassing when you go to grab a pen at the bank and giant tub of Vaseline falls out. Explain that one. Your kids are at home with their father.

7. Wearing Your Husbands Clothes

They don’t fit you. They don’t. Doing this is worse than wearing Mom Jeans every single day of the week. Especially when you have a hat on, and someone comes up and taps you on the shoulder from behind. “Excuse me, sir…” Ugh. Can You Say: Mom Fashion Faux Pas?

8. Wearing Your Kids Clothes

You can’t find your winter hat, and you have to walk your son to school. So, you just put on his Angry Birds hat. No. You shouldn’t do that. You DO do it, and so do I… but someone somewhere made the rule that you shouldn’t. Don’t kill the messenger.

9. Socks & Sandals


10. The Messy Shirt

Just put your PJ’s on if you spilled something, Maybe that’s better. 

Have you Committed any of these Mom Fashion Faux Pas?  


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  1. Erika E on December 18, 2014 at 11:27 am

    My son had a pair of mittens that fit me and were the warmest things ever. So I wore them. And I’ve spilled things on my shirt before leaving the house and just figured since I was wearing a coat it wouldn’t show. Then I go to the grocery store and it’s too warm so I have to take my coat off. 🙂

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