The Contents of My Purse- 10 Weird Things in a Mom’s Purse

The other day I was getting ready to go out with my friends, for what seemed like the first time in a long time! I actually didn’t wear yoga pants either, but that’s an entirely different post. 

After I got dressed and actually did something with my hair, rather than leave it filled with Cheerios…. I went to get my purse out of the closet. 

I am one of those that has a huge oversized purse, and always have. I went ahead and attempted to place my wallet inside, except that it wouldn’t fit! My HUGE purse was full! OF what?! 

Weird Things in Moms Purse

I set to work dumping my purse out, deciding that it was time to evict some of the stuff in there, and I have to be honest, I was surprised at it’s contents. This got me thinking, do other Mom’s have purses full of their family’s belongings? 

The Top 10 Weird Things in a Mom’s Purse (Or at least this Mom anyways) 

1. Plastic Binoculars 

No I am not spying on anyone, nor am I a stalker… but I could be mistaken for one. These binoculars were probably confiscated from one of my littles in the car for hitting each other with them. Oh Memories… 

2. Plastic Pirate Patches

We had attended an event a while back and we got these really cool plastic pirate eye patches for the kids. They were still in my purse. 4 months later. Aye Matey!

3. A Pair of Underpants

I had a pair of my son’s underpants in my purse. They were clean of course, I remember putting them in there in case of an emergency when we were travelling a far distance. Accidents happen. 

4. A Spoon

I suppose that I could try and lead you to believe, that my life is so exciting that I need to carry a spoon around in case I have to dig myself out of a messy situation. That’s not the case. There is a spoon in my purse. I am not sure why. 

5. Socks

Yes, Children’s socks. I think this goes along with the idea of the underpants but I can’t be sure. 

6. Vaseline

I don’t mean a small thing of Vaseline either, like a giant tub. 

7. Wrappers

Granola bar wrappers, candy wrappers, even some toy wrappers…. everywhere. 

8. A Booger Sucker

We haven’t used one of those dudes for years. (don’t worry it was clean) but there was one in my purse. WHY!?

9. Crayons

I sign my cheques in magenta. 

10. Crumbs and Sticky Stuff

Yes, unknown sticky stuff and so MANY crumbs! GROSS. 

What weird things are in your purse? 


  1. Gingermommy (@Gingermommy) on November 13, 2014 at 9:16 am

    Coupons for everything, makeup, bandaids, hair ties, crumbs, a granola bar, Money from Mexico and USA, 5 health cards lol

  2. Susan Carraretto on November 23, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Yes, underpants and socks… typical things when you’ve got a toddler or preschooler. Those days are gone for me.

  3. Lorna Atwell Drach on April 29, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Oh my yes, Socks, sucker sticks, crayons, hot wheels, my daughters library book, bandaids, straws, spoons, and finally a half eaten granola bar. Good lord, LOL.

  4. sarah jackson on April 29, 2015 at 9:14 am

    right now I can tell you there is a plastic duck in my purse , at some point there was screwdrivers and on any given day I can be sure that if there isnt a dandelion there will be at some point

  5. Jamie on May 15, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    My son purposely drops a toy car in my purse before I go to work. Lol

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