How to eat Healthier and Make Better Food Choices

If you are looking for ways to eat healthier and stay on track, don’t worry about big, overwhelming changes. Start with some simple changes. Here are eight tips to help you get going on the road to healthy eating, eat healthier today with these tips.   

Eat Healthier

8 Ways to Eat Healthier and Make Better Food Choices            

Leave Junk Food Behind

One quick step is to just leave the junk food behind. If you don’t buy processed foods and bring them home, then you won’t reach for the unhealthy snacks in the evening. Go cold turkey on this one!

Bring in some Healthier Options

Don’t worry about crazy diets or keeping track of everything you eat. Add lots of color to your diet by purchasing fresh fruits or veggies. Make sure your meals have a lean protein as well. If you make 50% of your plate vegetables and fruits, add the protein and a little bit of complex carbs, you are eating healthy.

Remember that not all Fats are Evil

If you snack on healthy fat you will actually feel fuller and the satisfied feeling lasts longer. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts or pistachios are all great choices. Avocadoes and eggs are a great addition to your diet, too.

Lots of Water

Hydrate, and hydrate some more. Get a reusable water bottle and carry it everywhere you go. Add some fresh twists of lemon or lime if you want to add some flavor without calories.

Meal Plan

While you don’t have to plan out every meal, it is a good idea to at least plan some of them. Use Pinterest to get ideas if you want. Let each family member pick out a meal every week and have everyone pitch in to make the new recipe. When you find meals that everyone enjoys, save them on your Pinterest boards so you can go back to them easily.

 Eat Breakfast

Mornings can be crazy, but you can have a good breakfast even if you’re short on time. You can use the microwave to scramble eggs, or even make a breakfast burrito. Make-ahead oatmeal in mason jars is really popular online, and you can find tons of variations to this quick and healthy breakfast.

Cook in Advance

Make your lunch ahead of time. Some people I know use Sunday to make lunches for the whole week. If you don’t want to go to that extreme, at least make your lunches the night before. Mason jar salads are also a big thing right now, and you can customize your salad to make it just right for you. Using up leftovers is not only frugal, but a great time saver as well. 

Listen to your Body

Listen to your body for signs of hunger. However many calories you eat in a day, it is better to spread that out over the entire day. Don’t skip meals and then eat a huge dinner. Eat when you are hungry,  just eat smaller portions throughout the day and you will be able to eat healthier.           

                Remember, just a few small changes in what and how you eat can have a big impact on your health!

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