Know You’re Pregnant When- 20 Funny Ways to Know You’re Pregnant

There are many ways to know you’re pregnant when the time comes. A Pregnancy test is usually the first indicator. There are also some funny ways to know you’re pregnant when the test just isn’t doing it for you. Need a good Laugh? You know you’re pregnant when you are googling anything to make you laugh! 

You Know You’re Pregnant When- 20 Funny Ways to know you are Pregnant..

(aside from the belly of course)


1. You cry at cereal commercials.

Yep, happened to me.

2. You want to eat everything in sight.

This is including that whole cake that you just baked for your sisters baby shower- we will just tell her I forgot it at home – *No seriously sister- I left it at home.* You know You’re pregnant when you have to assure someone you didn’t eat their food.

3. Your Husband Drive You Bonkers.

The sound of your husbands voice either brings tears of joy to your eyes or tremors of anger over your body- how dare he get to walk without waddling!

4. Your Pregnancy Pillow has a Name.

You have named your pregnancy pillow– Mine is Edwardo, and he understands me- And you cuddle with it more than you cuddle with your husband- Hey…Edwardo didn’t make me fat.

5. Your bath towel no longer covers your belly

You’re scared you will have to resort to using the shower curtain.

6. You begin to forget what your ankles looked like.

because now they resemble your thighs.. -Yay tree trunk legs.

7. You find yourself crossing your legs, hard when you sneeze

You live in fear that just a little pee will come out. Heck, your crossing your legs through coughing and laughing now too, Just to be safe. Oh how I miss you bladder control.

8. You wake up in the morning on your left side just like your supposed to.

You may be sleeping the right way, butou can’t roll out of bed because you are tangled in blankets. You are also trapped in your pregnancy pillow and you HAVE TO PEE. Better not sneeze.

9. You notice your husband has put on about as much weight as you.

You envy him because you know it will take him no time to lose it while you struggle for months. You barely have time to eat anything after baby is born and STILL won’t lose the weight.

10. Your favorite food? Yeah, probably not anymore.

The idea or smell of it cooking makes you want to hurl all over the place. Goodbye Chicken, see ya in a few months.

11. You find yourself cleaning parts of your house you didn’t even know existed. 

They are so clean now you could eat off of them! You know you’re pregnant when you clean like crazy!

12. Sitting down on the floor sounds like a good idea at the time.

That is, until you have to get up. This is the point you will grunt, moan and labour just to get your butt 1 inch off the ground. Then you only sit back down and wallow in self pity at how huge you are.

13. You realize There is NO SUCH THING as the Pregnancy glow.

You may look like your glowing.  That’s sweat, nausea or gas. No one else needs to know that though!

14. People Start Inquiring about Your Weight.

When someone asks you how much weight you’ve gained you begin to wonder if being pregnant also makes your personal information anyone else’s business. Would they have asked you how much weight you’ve gained if you weren’t pregnant? If the answer is “yes” refrain from hitting them.  No one wants to go to jail pregnant. Slowly back away, perhaps ask them how many poops they took the day before.

15. Your Body HURTS.

Your hips hurt, your back hurts and you swear you may have just heard your ribs break. I doesn’t matter though because Baby is moving and kicking in there, so its cute. OW!

16. That Person in the Mirror Scares you. 

You look in the mirror and wonder who that insane lady with the crazy hair, no make up and beach ball tucked under her shirt is. This is only to realize that it’s you. Then one of two things happens. You either get so mad that you look like this that you spend 3 hours trying to improve your appearance only to realize that you won’t be satisfied as long as your face looks as swollen as your butt feels. OR, You cry, and cry and cry… until your husband comes home and laughs at you.

17. Feet? What feet!?

I still have feet? Coulda fooled me.. haven’t seen em in a while. You know You’re pregnant when you have no idea where your feet are.

18. You Forget Things, A lot. 

You forget where you put your keys, the phone, what you said a second ago.

19. A nap sounds nice

Even though you JUST woke up.

20. You can clear a room.

Your gas scares even the dog, and even you can’t stomach the smell.

 You Know You’re Pregnant When… Did you deal with any of these during your Pregnancy?

11 thoughts on “Know You’re Pregnant When- 20 Funny Ways to Know You’re Pregnant”

  1. Oh sister, I love it. So true. There’s one this you forgot. And yes, I am just going to come out and say it…. THE BUSH. The lovely can’t see Your own private parts anymore…. Oh yay.

    1. OMG I TRIED! I told my fiancé if he wanted it done, do it himself, cause that’s too much yoga. Immmposssiibblleeeee! I’m sooo glad that I’m not alone in the “I can’t wear a bikini cause I can’t see my crotch let alone shave it” department

  2. I had blocked most of those from my memory…some I still have and I haven’t been pregnant in 8 years!
    Following you from the Canadian blog hop 🙂

  3. You also forgot that heartburn/acid reflux likes to sneek up when your not looking and certain foods give you it from just LOOKING at it. I cry.

  4. Funny that you mentioned chicken. I had to stop eating real meat (as opposed to processed meat) while pregnant this last time and I still have barely gotten back to it three months later. I can’t eat more than a tbsp of meat unless it has something to dip it in. Even then sometimes I gag (especially white meat.) In fact I’ve barely had a bite of porkchop in a year.

  5. I must add….

    a) Cheesecake. Nuff said

    b) you long for the days that you had a long satisfying pee, you know, the ones you could hold for 6 hours and at the end have that huge relief of ahhhhhhhhh.

    c) getting off the toliet becomes a bigger challange with the question of “how long is the towel rack really going to support my weight?”

    d) you go to put on a shirt that literally just fit the other day and now you can’t breath.

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