Why I don’t care if you Think I am an Unhappy Mom

why I dont careI read a blog post the other day about how there are several blogs in the blogosphere, plastered all over the internet about Mom’s complaining, or venting or telling the world that Motherhood isn’t glamorous. I suppose I would group myself with them. The post went on to question why so many moms are so unhappy and why in the world all we do is complain! So to those who think we bloggers are unhappy, I say this….

I write a lot of posts with sarcastic undertones. I write about the times my kids drive me insane, and about how I pull through. I write about being a Stay at Home Mom; how it’s not easy, it’s not glamorous all the time, and how I feel as though sometimes I walk through life in a cereal induced daze deprived of coffee and sleep. I spend a lot of time making fun of myself, and my crazy situations. 

Do I write these posts because I am UNHAPPY? Actually, NO

I write these posts to find, and maybe give others a laugh, others that can relate to the way I feel in certain instances. Do I feel this way all the time? Hell no. No I don’t. Sometimes Motherhood is all Sunshine, Lolipops and Unicorn poop!

In fact, a lot of the time it is amazing to be a Mother. But those are not the moments that others need to relate to. Those are not the moments that the crestfallen woman that has been pooped on 3 times by the end of the day, whose 1 year old won’t sleep, and who feels as though she is the only person on the face of the earth who hasn’t been able to find the time to shave her legs in a week, is seeking.

In my opinion, those perfect, wonderful human beings, who are never feeling rundown and abnormal, probably rarely Google “I love my life so much, and my kids are amazing 100% of the time, I must be a great Mother.” Those are not the moments when you feel like you need to relate to someone else. Those are not the moments you are judging yourself so hard for temporarily feeling as though Motherhood may be too difficult for you. Those are not the moments that you are desperately seeking someone in the same position as yourself, to reassure you that it IS normal to feel like you are failing. The confusing, emotional and stressful moments ARE Those moments. 

I can tell you how many times I have googled: “I love my life, is that normal?”… That answer is ZERO. Because I know it’s awesome and normal to totally be in love with your children, and enjoying your family.  However, I sure as hell have googled: “Is Motherhood supposed to be this hard?” or “I need a break, my life is stressful”, or “I am so stressed, I just need a vacation but I feel guilty.” To my relief, there were others out there that felt that way. There were others out there that temporarily needed the reassurance that they were not alone, there were others out there that reminded me that this too shall pass. 

I never stop loving my kids. Never. In fact, my life is amazing and I am grateful for what I have. Just as I am sure most of the people out there googling away to find someone to tell them they are normal and ok, are grateful too.

I write my rants because not only does it help me to vent, but I would like to think that if they pop up in google, or on a social media site, that someone out there will get a good laugh from the fact that I spent 95% of a day covered in cake frosting without my knowledge. 

If you think I am unhappy, then Sorry NOT sorry, to inform you; I am not. I can laugh at myself, and I hope that others get a good giggle when they need it most as well. I am going to keep writing my posts and poking fun at myself. Perhaps we needn’t all be so stuffy. 


  1. Charlotte @ Pirate Monkey Mama on September 27, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely spot on. I always enjoy finding post I can relate to and sometimes the “it’s all sunshine and roses” posts can get a tad boring.

  2. Louise on September 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Well said.

    That said, I am now debating writing a post entitled “I Love My Life, is that Normal” because, well, I think it’s got some humour potential in there.

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